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5 Things To Consider When Buying Ceramic Floor Tiling


If you have decided that you would like to install ceramic floor tiles in your home, there are a few things to consider before rushing out and making your purchase. You have made a great choice with ceramic because it is very easy to care for and comes in styles and colours that match any decor.

The ceramic tile of today are not only gorgeous, but they offer any home a fresh, new look. Here are five things to take into consideration when purchasing ceramic floor tiling that will ensure that you make the right decisions:

Size - Be sure to consider the size of the room when choosing tiles. Large tiles look best in big areas while smaller tiles are ideal for hallways and smaller rooms. If you make the mistake and purchase tiny tiles to lay in a big living room for example, you will create a look that is far from soothing and is actually distracting.

Traffic - Be sure to consider the amount of traffic that the area receives. Some ceramic tiles feature a high gloss look and this type tends to be very slippery. If you have small children or pets in the home, it may be best to choose a rough textured tile over the more shiny and glossy variety.

Budget - The amount of money you have to spend on tiles will play a role into which type you purchase. The top quality ceramic tiles are designed to last a lifetime, as they can stand up to all types of abuse. If you are not able to purchase the expensive variety, then a cheaper quality tile should be sufficient as long as it is not subjected to a lot of hard use. As with any product, you get what you pay for with ceramic floor tiling. If you want extreme durability, quality and a long lasting floor, you must be willing to pay more.

Colour - Be sure to consider all of the colour possibilities when shopping for ceramic tiles. Choosing the colour is often the most difficult task as there are literally thousands to choose from. The trend in ceramic tiles today is to stay as neutral as possible. That bright green tiling may look great to you today, but in ten years you may have wished you had chosen a white or almond colour.

Texture - Ceramic tile can be either super shiny or neutral and soft in texture. Consider the look you are trying to achieve. If you wish to attain a modern look in a new home, the glossy tiles may be your best alternative. If on the other hand you live in an older home and desire a more natural look, consider the terra-cotta ceramic tiling. This type of tile offers a weathered, slightly scratched look that is rich with rustic charm.

There are numerous home improvement stores that carry a good variety of ceramic tiling. You can also find an outstanding selection online. Regardless of where you shop for your flooring, if you take these things into consideration before making the purchase, you should end up being very pleased with what you have chosen.