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1.Dong Peng History
Headquarter in FoshanCompany established in 1972, 40+ year historyDong Peng brand established in 1996 by Mr. He, Xinming Main business include ceramic tile and sanitary ware.

2.Core Competence

1).Brand Name
RMB6.1Bill brand value, #1 in Chinese Ceramics Industry “Chinese Ceramics Landmark Brand” award, “Top 500 brands in China”award Consistent mid to high end brand positioning strategy

350 top tile distributors, 2500 showrooms across China Strong influence of distributors in the industry Stable, loyal and single brand distributors with relatively strong ability to push new product to the market

Brand Story

At the beginning of our starting and undertaking, Dongpeng promptly showed the slogan of "In the multifarious building ceramics, Dongpeng will take the lead." Since implementing our brand strategy, great fame of ten years has been fully loaded, and we have been highly approved by the government and the society, and have successively obtained such top honors as a China's Famous Trademark, one of China's 500 most valuable brands.

Since 2003, we have become the single brand whose sales volume is the greatest in the building ceramic industry of China for 4 years in succession, and our market share has been promoted year by year. We obtained the special honor of an "Enterprises and Institution with Independent Brand and with the Most Growth Strength in China's Industry" for the two consecutively years of 2005 and 2006.

In 2006, Dongpeng Ceramic was chosen as a "Significant Brand of China's Building Ceramic Industry", having established the leading position of Dongpeng in the building ceramic industry of China.

In 2008, Dongpeng continued to hold a "Significant Brand of China's Building Ceramic Industry", having verified the significant status of the Dongpeng brand in the industry again.

In 2009, reappraised as "500 Most Valuable Brands of China" again, ranked on the 1st of building ceramics industry for its brand value at RMB 2.353 billion. In 2015, the brand value of Dongpeng has reached 2.7 billion USD.

On 9th December, 2013, Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited was successfully listed in Hong Kong Main Board, and became the first ceramic tile company listed in Hong Kong. The Stock Code is 3386.HK. Today, Dongpeng has become a household brand representing the best quality ceramic tiles of China.

Decoration Inspiration

Dongpeng Experience Hall (showroom) displays interior space and tells every story with products and scenes, all clearly showing its inheritance and reference to the Shiwan Ceramic Culture and Eastern Culture. From the "Rise Step by Step", "Fortune from the Steps”, and "Good Weather of the Crops", the showroom provides ceramic art of international design produced from the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln and its Eastern characteristic is signifying that the enterprises of Foshan have begun to draw nutrients from local traditional culture and seek to reach a new level of the internationalization development.

The company mission is to promote Chinese The innovative practices of Dongpeng Experience Hall have engaged the inter-promoting relation and integration between Foshan's traditional craft culture and the modern ceramic tile industry for common development and innovation.

Dongpeng Europe

Among the building ceramic industry of China, the Dongpeng is the first Chinese brand that has established subsidy companies in Sassuolo- the core Italian ceramic producing area, and is the first enterprise that has entered the European market directly. There is epoch-making meanings in the history of China'' ceramics as Dongpeng has set up a platform in line with international standards for the building ceramic industry of China.

European Dongpeng involved a total investment of more than RMB 20 million, with an office building as its general headquarters, an exhibition hall and a warehouse of more than 2,000 square meters. The whole exhibition hall extends the design style of Dongpeng' s general headquarters in China and demonstrates a new Orientalism flavor. It promotes China ceramic prestige in the world, and meanwhile greatly enhanced the reputation of the Dongpeng brand in the world.

International Distribution Network

We market and sell our ceramic tile products through a nationwide sales network of over 2000 retail outlets covering more than 600 cities across all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, as of June 30, 2013. In addition to being popularized in China for their high quality, our products are also sold in 66 countries, and our largest export destinations include countries with high quality standards such as Canada, Australia and the United States.

Our products have been used in high profile projects such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing and Mexico – Cancun International Airport, etc.