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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Floor Tiles


In the past 5 years, marble sales have increased more than 4 times. Marble floor tiles are very beautiful, but as any materials, they have their disadvantages. Before the installation of the polished marble floor tiles, you should judge the advantages and disadvantages of marble floor tiles.

Advantages: elegant appearance. Marble floor tile may first attract you by its beauty. Few construction materials are as beautiful as marble. Marbles have different dozens of varieties, choice of colors ranging from black to pink to white or even dark green with white texture (which is the most expensive type of marble). Marble can complement many different decorating styles, from classical style to ultra-modern style.

Disadvantages: costs. Typical marble floor tiles costs about $ 4 to $ 8 per square foot. Depending on the type you select, you may need to spend more than $ 8per square foot. Some marbles, especially those with dark colors, such as black and green, may cost additional fare for installation.

Advantages: durability. Marble is a kind of durable and hard stone. If you accidentally drop ceramic dinner plates on the linoleum, the plates may not crack. However, if you drop ceramic dinner plates on the marble floor, they will smash into hundreds of pieces. Inherent robustness of marble fool is actually good for home. You'll never have to worry about your dogs pawing at the floor.

Disadvantages: low anti-dirty ability. People often confuse the marble and granite. In fact, the two are not similar. Marble is almost never used for countertops; granite is often used as a table. This is because marble has porosity so that it is easy to be colored. Being a floor tile, marble is not so easy to be blotted as being a countertop. Without appropriate polishing and sealing for marble floor tiles, if a glass of red wine is spilled on it, you may need to replace the tile.

Advantage: long life. Marble' life is beyond imagination. It is one of the oldest building materials, especially welcomed by Greece and Rome. Their special marble works still exist today. If we correctly install marble at suitable areas, for example, on the floor that is not often used, you probably don't need to replace the marble all your life.

Disadvantages: conservation. The conservation of marble flooring is not as simple as conservation of decorative ceramic tile or granite floors. In order to maintain the luster and clean of marble floor tiles, you need to have them polished regularly.