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Advantages & Disadvantages & Features of Ceramic Tiles


The Advantages of Ceramic Tiles
Performance advantages: water repellent breathable, light weight, flexible, acid and alkali resistant to freezing and thawing, earthquake resistant, crack resistant, good compatibility with exterior insulation system; safety advantage. Soft-paste porcelain products completely overcome the ceramic tiles, mosaic and so easy to fall off wounding a security risk, especially suitable as high-rise buildings and the exterior insulation system of external finishes; expressive advantage: Soft-paste porcelain material can easily be shaped, to break through the traditional ceramic tiles styling limitations, soft-paste porcelain technology integration capabilities of all times and all building materials, and a variety of natural stone crypt fired brick split, the variety of natural wood, construction clean water, marble floor tiles, aluminum panels, and a variety of modern art, the boutique can be quickly cloned! Meanwhile, lifelike performance natural decorative materials, such as the texture and color of the wood, leather, stone, brick, cloth, metal, etc., can also be an artist's conception manufacturing decorative texture and color with distinctive personality color; energy saving advantages: Soft-paste porcelain production line fuel abandon coal, heavy oil, high contamination of raw materials, uses electricity and solar energy, and strive to clean, secure sources; no waste water, waste gas, dust emissions in the production process, and all waste are recyclable.

Disadvantage of Ceramic Tiles
The disadvantages of soft-paste porcelain have: the unique flexibility of soft ceramic floor tile is a great advantage, but also the shortcoming of soft-paste porcelain tile. Since it is soft, it gives security to people, and it will not shatter even it is beat or stroke. But if use tool to scratch it, it will leave scratches. Ceramic tile has another four disadvantages: family comfort, poor insulation resistance; area of use limitations; individual tiles will be radioactive contamination; high costs, complex pavement construction cumbersome, long working hours, more fees and labor: about 35 RMB -40 RMB per square meters.

Characteristics of Ceramic Tile
Size: size chip size is homogeneity, which saves construction time, and neat appearance; water absorption: lower water absorption, the better the degree of vitrified product better physical and chemical properties, the more difficult due to thermal expansion and contraction of climate change turtle cracking or peeling; smoothness: the good flatness tiles, its surface is not bend, no rake angle, easy construction, after construction flat ground. Strength: high flexural strength, wear resistant and anti-pressure, easy to wear, timeless, and suitable for use in public places; chromatic aberration: when put the tiles on the flat floor, watch carefully whether there are different shades of colors or unable to converge, otherwise it will result in aesthetic obstacles.