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Advantages of Crystal Porcelain Tile


Textured - Imitate Natural Gems, Highlights Ornate Style
Flashing light, which is popular for current crystal porcelain tile, has a little bit difference from previous common resplendence and magnificence. This flash is a bright of glittering and translucent texture like jade and crystal. As to the patterns and texture displayed in ceramics, natural stone-like stone pops up again. Just in the past most of them were faux marble and natural travertines. And this time crystal porcelain tiles begin to learn from natural gems, highlighting more ornate style. For example, the "Crystal World" series crystal porcelain tile launched by Dongpeng Ceramics, imitates the gorgeous textures of natural wood fossils, Tiger's eye stones, as well as ambers and other natural stones. The gorgeous dynamic lines gradually change to natural gemstone crystalline water drops, dazzling like blooming flowers. In addition, added with glittering and translucent texture of microcrystalline particles, the whole piece of crystal porcelain tile looks like precious stones with radiant light.

Craft- Microcrystalline Particles + High Temperature Calcinations
The service life is 3 times longer than that of the ordinary porcelain tiles. Glittering and translucent texture comes from advanced technology. Compared with traditional polished tiles, crafts of crystal porcelain tiles and microcrystal porcelain products are more sophisticated. Ceramics and thorough crystal transparent technique are organically integrated together by more than 1200 Celsius degrees high temperature, and in the calcination process, the micro crystallized particles are put into, making the tile surface more shiny, with more carved texture.

According to a ceramic tile flooring manufacturer introduced, crystal porcelain tile burned at high temperatures enjoys dialysis color of pattern color texture, but not rugged pattern on typical tile surface. They are tangible, impalpable special coloring texture, which not only can truly restore color and texture details of most of the rare stone, but also are of denser plastid, higher hardness, and 40MP rupture strength. And there are large amount of dark cracks and air holes on general natural stone surface, with generally less than 30Mp anti-pressure and anti-folding strength, especially easy to suck water and penetrate dirt; meanwhile, natural stone is of quite poor corrosion resistance, anti-weathered capacity, but microcrystalline stone surface glass layer is 2m m-3mm thick, with zero sucking water rate, acid and alkali resisting, with less than 0.1% underlying slab body sucking water rate, and superior material anti-shock and thermal shock resistance.