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Another Successful Exhibition in 106th Canton Fair


"The cost-effective and innovative products are our great superiority.", Mr. Liu Ren, the general manager of Dongpeng’s International Trade Department said in Oct. 19th. Till then the first period of 106th Canton Fair ended.

New Products in the Exhibition
The ceramic products that exhibited by Dongpeng Ceramics are best sellers in the oversea market. Dream Weavers Stone, Nafuna Cave Stone, Pinifarina Series, Dancer, Cave Stone, Green Stone etc. have drew the attention of foreign tradesman. The super cave stone is one of the best sellers since it looks like natural stone.
In this Canton Fair, all the ceramics exhibitors have shown their new products to draw attention of the purchasers. Dongpeng’s ceramic products are a little bit expensive than other sellers’, but our products are cost-effective and stylish.

Good Brand Effect & Win AAA Certificate
In the 106th Canton Fair, Dongpeng had 9 booths covering the area of 81㎡. With good brand effect, unique design, and beautiful exhibiting effect, Dongpeng’s exhibition booths were crowded by the purchasers. More over, because of the successful organization of the our exhibition, we have awarded “AAA” certificate by China Economics & Trade Association. Our Foreign Trade Manager Liu Ren said: “the ‘AAA’ certificate is just like an “open sesame” for us to win the new customers in the Canton Fair, many of our customers come to our booths because of this certificate.”

More Customers Visited Our Factory After the 106th Canton Fair
"After the 106th Canton Fair, there are more customers visiting our factory and signing contract with us.” said Liu Ren. He was very busy since the beginning of the Canton Fair. He would receive customers from 7 to 8 companies every day. Amony these visitors, many are from the new markets such as Asia, Middle East, and South America. "These customers want to find the reliable supplier to keep long cooperation. So they will be very careful to make order, and they usually make decision when they visited the factory.” The orders from South America have increased a lot.

Mr Liu Ren said, in the Middle East market, the oil resource is rich, but the ceramic tiles are in short supply. This is a big market for building materials. Several years ago, Dongpeng began to plan to engage in this market and now we have made great progress in this market. Till now, we have good relationship with customers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Dubai and so on. Our ceramic products has been applied in the construction of luxury villas in the United Arab Emirates. What’s more, we will send our delegation to participate the Dubai Ceramics Exhibition in November, 2009.