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Bathroom Tiles


Bathroom tiles set the tone for the room. Designing a mood with bathroom tiles can give a kind of special character to your bathroom. No bathroom can be complete without nice floor tiles that compliment the fittings and fixtures. A dynamic pattern on your bathroom floor or a contrasting wall color can lend the tone of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are no longer limited the option of tiles to plain white, square shapes, and glazed ceramic finishes. Currently, there are numerous styles, colors, sizes and elusive, eye-attractive bathroom tile.

If you concern about the tile sizes for your bathroom, then don’t worry because now tiles are available in a number of sizes. Piece them collectively can develop a unique, striking, and eye-catching design either on the floor or around the wall of one's bathroom. In case you believe, you're not quite resourceful cover the whole wall from floor to ceiling with exactly the same tile along with same color. Or you can create a totally distinctive impact by mixing it up and getting one particular color of tile at the bottom of the wall and a distinctive (contrast) one on the top of the same wall separated by thin and textured pieces that work as a chair rail distinguishing two types of tiles used. Your imagination could be the only limitation with regards to bathroom design.

Based on the bathroom tile idea you might have in mind, you can decide on which tile you should buy. The commencement of bathroom decoration should be the range of shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and resources these tiles can be found in. A creative bathroom tile design will help you have the bathroom of your dreams.

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