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Brief Introduction of Glassed Tiles


1. Glassed tiles are actually full ceramic tiles. Because of the difference of the manufacturing process, their densification degree is higher than general glazed porcelain tile. And because their surface is smooth, without need to be polished, there are no problems of polishing hole. Glassed tiles are a kind of strengthening polished tiles, producing by high temperature firing. They are harder and more wear-resistant than polished tiles. The main difference between glassed tiles and polished tiles is the water absorption rate. (The lower the water absorption rate is, the better the tiles are glassed, and the physical and chemical properties of the tiles are better.)
2. Glassed tiles are bright tiles made by polishing the surface of full ceramic tiles, belonging to a type of full ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles with water absorption rate less than 0.5% are known as glassed tiles, and polished tiles with water absorption rate less than 0.5% also belong to glassed tiles (those tiles with water absorption rate larger than 0.5% can only be polished tiles). Then get polished tiles through mirror polish to glassed tiles. Due to low water absorption rate, glassed tiles have relatively high hardness so that they are not easy to scratch.
3. Glassed tiles are produced by burning quartz sand and mud according to a certain proportion and then burnishing them bright but without polishing. Their surface is as smooth and bright as glass mirror, and they are the hardest type of all ceramic tiles. Their water absorption rate, edge straightness, bending strength, and acid and alkali resistance are better than that of porcelain tile, polished tile and marble floor tiles.

Characteristics of Glassed Tiles
1. They enjoy colorful and soft colors, with no apparent color difference. Because of different formation time and different shades, natural granite has large color difference.
2. They have no harmful elements. Granite is natural mineral, buried deep in the Earth's crust for long time, without high temperature sintering. Thus it contains low levels radioactive elements, which is harmful to health by long-term exposure.
3. Their thickness is relatively low, with high flexural strength, light body, less load for the building. But natural granite has lower strength and is heavy, increasing the load of the building, and will bring difficulties to the process of transport and paving.
4. Their flexural strength is greater than 45mpa. Granite's flexural strength is about 17-20mpa.
5. High temperature burning and full porcelain generate Mullite and other crystals. They have stable physical and chemical properties, are corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant, strong, looked as new. Due to natural formation, granite varies in formation time and the degree of weathering, resulting in varying density and strength. After being used for two years, it will gradually lose luster, with wearing and rough surface, becoming hard to clean.
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Specification of Glassed Tiles
Glassed tiles are mainly floor tiles, and their common specifications are 400mmx400mm, 500mmx500mm, 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, and 900mmx900mm, and 1000mmx1000mm. specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitary wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation.