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Care and maintenance


Many Dongpeng tile products require limited maintenance. Our glazed and unglazed tile, under normal situations, can be cleaned using clear water with a tile cleaner. Always follow up with a rinse of clean water. Regular maintenance is recommended to avoid build-up of residue, dirt, grease, soap, detergents or other external contaminants. We do not recommend "acid cleaning" our tile products. For all floor cleaning operations, follow these basic procedures:

1.Sweep or vacuum surface
2. Mix water with tile or grout cleaner per manufacturer’s instructions and apply to surface
3. Allow solution to sit for three to five minutes
4. Agitate with sponge or mop
5. Mop up solution
6. Rinse mop and change cleaning solution at least every 55 square meter
7. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
8. Dry mop floor to remove moisture or pick up residue with a wet-vac
9. Wipe the floor dry

Coarse or abrasive tile surfaces need more frequent maintenance. Agitation should be vigorous and water changed frequently. Proper cleaning of these types of tile is necessary to maintain slip resistance. The presence of grease or water may create slippery conditions. Be careful to avoid introduction of grease from dirty mops to your floor surface while cleaning.

* Wax cleaners, oil-based detergents, and sealants may decrease the slip resistance of ceramic tile. Sealants may be used on grout. Consult the manufacturer of the cleaner, detergent, or sealant for more detailed information on the impact of their cleaning solution to your tile product.

microcrystal TILES

● For routine cleaning, use any non-abrasive cleaning compound recommended for either glass or tile.

● To clean, use a liquid non-abrasive household cleaner.
● DO NOT use scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper or other abrasive products.
● Avoid cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, or abrasives.
● Always test in a small inconspicuous area when using a new cleaner to ensure compatibility.

For more information on slip resistance, care and maintenance or technical data, methods and measurements, see DONGPENG’s website.

Tiles Maintanence

Type Of Staint How to clean
Daily Normal Maintenance Detergent, soapy water
Tea, coffee, ice cream, grease, beer Detergent, soapy water, Pure alkali solution
Sediment, iron rust, plaster Sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution
Paint, drawing pen Turpentine, acetone
Ink Ethanedioic acid
cement Linolenic acid