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Care & Maintenance of Glazed Porcelain Tile

Glazed porcelain tile is processed under high quality standards and is fully vitrified which resulting in excellent durability, hardness and water resistance. However, as with every surface material, basic cleaning and maintenance should be taken to keep its glossy appearance and a satisfactory performance.

Care during construction
It is recommended to install the tiles after the completion of any heavy construction work. If the tiles are installed prior to the construction, special care should be taken to protect them from getting stained or clipping. Otherwise it will affect the performance of the tiles. It would be better to cover the tiles with a protective layer such as Kraft paper, cardboard, plywood, cardboard and the like.

Initial Cleaning
Shorty after the tile has been set, there comes the important cleaning work of it. Complete removal of grout residue and construction dirt from the newly installed tile floors is involved in this cleaning work. Usually the manufacturers will give you some instructions on how to clean up of their products. Please follow the given directions. Thoroughly rinse the tile with clean water and remove with a wet mop or towel. It is essential to completely remove the detergent residues from the tile. Otherwise the remaining detergent residue can dry on the tile and affect the performance of the tile.  

Regular Maintenance
The glazed porcelain tiles can be relatively easy to maintain and will provide years of enjoyment due to the inherent technical characteristics of these materials. Mostly the tile floors can be cleaned by a wet mop and a mild detergent (Note: non-acidic, as this kind of detergent may harm the finishes). While taking the maintenance program, factors of frequency and timing should be considered according to the specific applications of each tile. You can establish your own maintenance schedule in accordance with the foot traffic, environmental conditions and product color.