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Ceramic Floor Tile Saves My Love

This is my best friend's story. A story about how ceramic floor saves her love. You must very confuse about this topic. Well, that happened on last summer.

unglazed porcelain tile

One day, my friend—just call her Lily. She called me in hurry. “Anna! You must help me!” I was puzzled, Lily was always smart and clever, and why did she need my help? Then I asked, "What happened?" She told me the fact. Lily fell in love with her boyfriend two years ago, they loved each other very much. But her boyfriend's mother did not like Lily, she thought Lily was not strong-minded and countrified. She wanted her son to marry one woman who was fashionable and mild. One week ago, Lily and her boyfriend told her that they were ready to be married. She was very angry and told Lily that if she wanted to marry her son, she must pass her exam.

"That was so impenetrable! How can she do that! You are going to marry her son but not her, why she treated you like this?" After knowing the fact, I was surprised and shocked. "What did she want to do?" I asked. Lily said sadly, "Her daughter's house was being renovated, she asked me to help her daughter. I was responsibility to the floor renovation. But you know, I know nothing about it. I need your help."

"That was totally ok! I have renovated my mother's house half years ago, I have bought ceramic floor tile in a company. Their ceramic tiles are made from natural raw materials imported from Italy, Spain and Lebanon. Its tiles are available in many different colors and dimension." I was happy to tell that. "Really? That perfect!" Lily also answered happily. Do you guess the end? Lily's "mother-in-law" was very satisfied with it and praised that ceramic tile flooring looked elegant. Lily married her boyfriend and lived a happy life. is located in Shiwan, Foshan the renowned ceramic town of China. Sticking to the core concept of "joint effort and sincere trading", the Company specializes in making top ten ceramic tile china and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitary wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation. Dongpeng ceramic have been awarded numerous honors such as China Renowned Products, Inspection Exempted Products, "Well-known Brand of China".