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Ceramic Tile Pattern of the World-class Architecture

When you talk about the world –class architectures, the Sydney Australia Opera House may come to your mind immediately. It is such a splendid opera house which can hold thousands of audiences and the ceramic tile pattern is a work of art for people to appreciate. What’s more, you can buy the ceramic tile just as those in the opera house to design your kitchen today. You may think it incredible to decorate such a famous building with such humble ceramic tiles, but these tiles can perfectly reflect the Sydney Habour and the beautiful sky.
It is inevitable to come across many blocks and rocks when building the Sydney Opera House. One prominent problem is about how to build the shape of the shell and how to attach the ceramic tiles to the shell. The tiles will fall down at once if people apply to the traditional way to attach the tiles on the completed concrete shells. Also, it is unpractical to place over a million tiles by hands.
The architect, Utzon used what he called “additive architecture” to solve this problem. He used pre-fabricated components with an incremental assembly of the whole. The size of each tile is 120mm square and this kind of ceramic tile is available on the market. If you like, you can use the tile in the wall, the floor or the kitchen. Then you can own you small world full of the elements of the Sydney Opera House. Isn’t that great?
The tiles are made from clay and they should be covered with a fine mesh and brushed over. After that, the tiles will be fired and become what we call “Sydney tiles”. A small proportion of crushed stone will be added to the tile, because it will make the tile rougher. This will enable a granular texture and prevent excessive glare in the harsh sunlight.
As one of the most famous landmarks in Australia, the Sydney Opera House is a great story of using the common ceramic tiles as important elements.