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Ceramic Tiles to the Countryside Brings Hope for Industry


Porcelain Tile Rural market Rises
As we all know, in the past few years, the bathroom tile and flooring business days generally are not very good, the various costs are skyrocketing, the market demand is difficult to pick up. The reasons for this situation have about two: the first is macro-control, the bathroom tile and flooring market volume and price has a downturn situation; urban demand is saturated, the rural market is stir-fried. Bathroom unglazed porcelain tile with the continuous development of the flooring industry breakout wore the name of the "world factory", China's manufacturing industry is more mixed: on the one hand is the affirmation of the importance and status of the Chinese market, on the other hand, means that the product mostly belongs to the low end of the field. As for China, the urbanization process does not solve most of the farmers' spending power problem.

Low-end Ceramic Tile Market Risks & Opportunities
The fast-food type consumer psychology reminder alive the cities' low-end markets, such as mobile phone firms cater to is that a low-end taste. That is why in recent years, "cottage" rampant licensed brand and threats. At the same time, China bathroom tile and flooring industry did not escape the curse of the "low-end". The low price is the biggest advantage of the low-end products, at the low end of the market can easily open up the market to capture the hearts of consumers, and it can help companies in the initial stage to open the market and return funds. It can be said that the low-end bathroom tile and glazed porcelain tile flooring market is a game of risks and opportunities.

Boom of Ceramic Tile to the Countryside
Predominantly rural low-end market is stir-fried. Recently, expanding domestic demand after another has been written about "building materials to the countryside" central "Document No. 1" message is a lot of media outlets, media "building materials to the countryside" is the second "home appliances to the countryside" and "car to the countryside" major initiatives, many bathroom tile and flooring industry insiders have also believes that the broader rural market will be developed through the countryside "east wind. The industry believes that: on the one hand, because the bathroom tile and flooring market is moving towards popularization, bathroom tile and flooring home consumers will also be concentrated in the low-end market, lower profile, enter the low-end is a wise one. On the other hand, for many first-line brands of bathroom tile floors, the strong brand image and technology accumulated over the years is an advantage.