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Characteristics of Guangdong Porcelain Tile Production Area in China


Guangdong Producing Area Guangdong is one of the birthplaces of Chinese glazed porcelain tile and marble floor tiles, with the annual ceramic output accounting for more than 50% of the national production. The main production base is in Foshan, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and other areas.

Foshan ceramics are in first-class in terms in major producing areas of production scale, technology level, business management or product supporting and other terms, leading the trend of Chinese building ceramics. Chinese porcelain tile manufacturer and wholesaler are mainly from Foshan, Guangdong.

In General, the Foshan producing area has the following main advantages:

1. Product Innovation Advantage
In addition to good quality, rich color, as well as integrity equipments these advantages, product innovation is also a strong point of Foshan ceramics. Make a comprehensive survey on several major ceramic producing areas in China, new products, new processes, new equipment, and new suits are basically from Foshan. It can be said that Foshan ceramics are leading the trend, and representing the direction of development of Chinese building ceramic industry.

2. Talent
The most enormous amount of scientific and technological talents and operating management personnel of ceramic industry in China are gathered and educated in Foshan, forming the the most powerful talent advantage in Foshan so that ensures the continued leading position of Foshan ceramics in various production areas.

3. Scale Advantages of Ceramic Tile Flooring Factory
There are so many ceramic tile factories with large scale in Foshan, which cannot be compared with other production areas. Those ceramic factories who have got “China Famous Brand” trademarks account for more than half of the country. Foshan ceramics market has a high reputation and strong market penetration, and at the same time, mainly ceramic enterprises in Foshan are generally in large scale with strong ability to resist risks. There are large production bases built in Chancheng district and Sanshui district in Foshan, with large-scale manufacturing capability.

4. Perfect Supporting Industries Formed
Foshan ceramics has a perfect industrial chain, compression machine, polishing machine, printing machine, furnace, frit, pigment, glaze, and packaging these related ceramic supporting equipment and raw materials are flourishing, forming a virtuous scroll pattern of joint development of related industries. Ceramics manufacturing as the main chain, a wide range of industry resources integrated, and that forms a powerful integration advantage.

5. Environmental Advantage
Located in the Pearl River Delta, Foshan enjoys much looser and superior operating environment than that of mainland manufacturers. Besides, with the advantages of convenient transport facilities and close to the high quality raw materials producing areas, the rise of private ceramic enterprises and the intervention of private capital hold the ceramic industry framework of Foshan, with operating costs and management efficiencies much better than that of the ceramic enterprises in other production areas.