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China Ceramic Tiles Sales will Rise with the Building Materials Industry Recovering


According to report, the recent sales of China ceramic tiles have been in a significant improvement trend, and many ceramic enterprises said their sales have improved recently. Only check from the sales, it is even more gratifying than that in "Gold September Silver October" traditional markets peak season.

Why the market situation will get better? Analysts believe that, from the Mid-Autumn Festival to the Spring Festival are decoration seasons, which largely boost the market demand for building materials; Secondly, as the international political situation gradually becoming stable, international economic situation has improved markedly. Being stimulated by relevant policies, China domestic economy has begun to stabilize and will present a moderate recovery trend in short-term.

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A series of economic indicators promulgated by domestic authorities suggest that after the rapid drop of the first three quarters this year, domestic economy continues to rise. From the industrial output of major products growth rate, power generation, steel, cement, and ten non-ferrous metals have more substantial rebound. At the same time of an increase in output, the profits of industrial enterprises have grown for the first in six months, with an increase up to 7.8%, which means enterprises' profit begins to improve.

"To a large extent, this will bring a new dawn for the development of ceramic tiles and other building material products." A ceramic tile factory principal optimistically told reporters. The media had published a lot of information showing that the domestic economic situation has begun a gradual recovery, and by this affect harsh home building materials downstream industries market situation like real estate will be further improved next year.

In addition, the end of the Chinese year is near, and price-off promotions because of enterprises' cleaning up inventory also speed up the circulation frequency of ceramic tile products sales. A detail can be available evidence is a common phenomenon the reporter recently saw in a number of ceramic enterprises marketing center: there are nobody in the office of exhibition rooms, and only one or two staffs are on duty. A porcelain tile manufacturer told reporters that despite the situation began to improve, but the pressure of ceramic enterprises this month is still large.