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Classifications of Ceramic Tiles


According to water absorption, ceramic tiles can be classified into five categories, namely, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, fine stoneware tiles, stoneware tile, as well as fine earthenware tile. Tile with water absorption greater than 10% is called ceramic tile, commonly known as wall tile on the market, widely used in residential areas, hotels, restaurants, public buildings for wall decoration, which is the main product of the interior decoration. Tile with water absorption less than 0.5% is called porcelain tile, which is commonly referred to glazed porcelain tile. Most porcelain tiles used for flooring have been polished surface so that they are also known as polished tiles. Porcelain tile is widely used in all kinds of floor decoration of the building, which is also currently the main product for indoor decoration. Tile with water absorption between 0.5%~10% is used for exterior wall decoration, indoor floor decoration, usually in bathrooms and supporting the use of inner wall tile.

According to forming methods, ceramic tiles are divided into extrusion forming ceramic tiles and dry pressed ceramic tiles. Among them, according to water absorption, the dry pressed ceramic tiles are divided into porcelain tiles (e≤0.5%), vitrified tiles (0.5%10%).

According to whether it is glazed, porcelain tiles are divided into unglazed porcelain tile and glazed porcelain tile. Floor tiles consist of glazed floor tiles and unglazed floor tiles. Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of bathrooms, kitchens, and supporting the use of inner wall tiles.

Most of unglazed floor tiles are processed by surface polishing treatment, also known as polished tiles. The water absorption of polished tiles is less than 0.5%. Porcelain tiles been polished are smooth, bright and clean like a mirror, which are high grade ceramic products. Buildings decorated with polished tiles are gorgeous and luxurious. They cost high price and offer good decorating effect. Decorative ceramic tile tiles used for flooring should be strong, hard and wear-resistant polished porcelain tiles or unglazed porcelain tiles.