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Contrast between Floors and Tile

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The Advantages of Floors and Tile:
5 reasons to fall in love with tile:
It is easy to clean, simple to maintain, difficult to contain the contamination of air pollutants, long life, and generally 10-20 years; fireproof, waterproof, good corrosion resistance; environmental protection and rich models.
The view explains: If you want convenience, then select marble floor tiles. There are a variety of sizes, all colors and all kinds of pattern tiles for sale in the building materials market. We can spell out our own vision of family life with a piece of floor tiles. And floor tiles are easy and particularly convenient to be taken care of, and what’s more, it can be very clean just by simple sweep and rub. And we have not to worry about that the tiles are wet by water or scratched by hard objects. LP30212-Bamboo
4 reasons to fall in love with the floor
There are four distinct advantage of for: beautiful, durable; better comfort; take the use of geothermal heating good insulation properties; slightly lower prices, and the construction are simple with free installation. The elaborated view: the floor is the natural wood kind, and it can express a person's quality of life.

We will feel not comfortable on the hard ground, and the public places with the large amount of wear, we have to use hard ground material in order to ensure the wear life of the ground, and the elastic wood flooring can be used in the bedroom and living area, which are not only comfortable and can greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, and can solve the problem of excessive noise fundamentally to make the room more warm and peaceful.

Compared with the traditional heating methods, its radiating surface is large by taking the geothermal heating, and the temperature is low relative to the water supply, the method of heating is energy-saving and environmental protection requirements; due to the rise of heat, the entire floor is equipped with the uniform heat radiation, so that the temperature difference in the room is small, bringing the feel that human foot is warm but not the head; their service life is long, repair and maintenance costs are lower than conventional heating methods.

In general, the premium brand of composite wood flooring products prices are between 90-120 yuan per square meter. The tiles in the luxury brand prices are between 150-250 yuan per square meter, which is more expensive than crystal porcelain tile .

Wood flooring installation method is simple, dealer prices contain auxiliary materials costs and construction labor costs, and you enjoy the free installation. With high quality and innovative designs, our tile are well accepted by customers worldwide. Customers can choose their desired quality tile from various types of tile. We can offer customer-made tile to fully meet your requirement.