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Cork Flooring - The Basics


Cork floors exist for thousands of years. Cork flooring is attractive and extremely durable, and it is also a renewable resource! This is a big advantage with all of the environmental problems we face today.

Where does cork flooring come from? Cork floors are produced using the bark of the cork oak tree. The first harvest of the bark from these trees happens after the tree is 25 or more years old. After that the harvesting takes place about every nine years. After each harvest the bark grows back with a smoother texture. Since these trees can live more than 200 years, they can be harvested over and over again without any damage towards the trees and no unfavorable impact on the setting.

Are cork floors durable? Definitely, they're by far one of the most long lasting floors on the market today. There are some cork floor installations that are more than 100 years old! That’s a long lasting floor. Since cork floors have a cellular composition, they are not affected by impact or friction in the same way a hard surface floor would be.

With its organic appearance and appeal, combined with extreme sturdiness, cork flooring is hard to beat. We think it’s a great choice for just about any interior flooring scenario.

The big question is that the cork flooring has been and will always very expensive and not very affordable for our ordinary people. If you stick to install the cork floor, you may compromise it for wood-like or cork-like ceramic floor tile.

Do not too much concern about where to get high-quality wood-like or cork-like ceramic floor tiles. Dongpeng, as a professional tile manufacturer, is trying to meet all of your requirements.