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Creat New Advantages, Leap to New Level--MR.He Xinmin's 2010 New Year Address


Bullish Year Passed, Tigerish Year Coming!
We are saying goodby to the harvest and pride 2009 and welcoming a favorable and challenged 2010. At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, and via Dongpeng Style, I'm delighted to extend my New Year wishes deep gratitude to our all distributors who worked hard in 2009, to all of our staffs. Wish you has good health and career, happy family and good luck in everything in the new year!

Turning Crisis to Chances Determined the Victory of 2009
Looking back 2009, we Dongpeng people feel so pride! Under the stagnant economic background, we turned the crisis to be our chances, we gone up stream and we have gained a remarkable acheivement; All staffs united with all the distributors and fighted so that we gained rich harvest both in products and marketing, especially the outstanding acheivements in many aspects reached the historic high; the construction of Dongpeng brands are launched forward continuously so that its aided awareness highly raised and its brand value leaped into the first in the field.

In the past year, our new enterprise culture was established and our soft power was raised again. In order to realise our "two-hundred" prospect for " Hundred Enterprise, One Hundred Million Dongpeng", we operated from a strategically advantageous position and kept up with the times and showed great vitality and passion.

In the past year, we kept innovation and fruited well: Navona, Pininfanina and other new design products were sold very well to be the trend of the field. We swept away the haze of counterfeit and plagiarism with our wisdom and fortitude so that we gained flower and applause for success.

In the past year, our business mold became mature with a great success. We were endowed the title of "Chinese Best Business Mold" for the marketing mold of furniture we explored with Champions League. For the areas' marketing, our distributors innovated successfully the Jiansu chamber of commerce mold, Shishi mold, Handan mold etc.. The distributors together with us edited a moving movement in the past year.

The past year is the year for the fully implement of our fine management: this massive campaign against management let Huashengchan turned around; let Qingyuan Dongpeng became to be splendid for a prospective future of sanitaryware. At the same time, the complete of Fengcheng Base in Jiangxi and Lixian Base in Hunan laid a solid foundation for Dongpeng's national markets in the future. The year of 2009 is the year for a rapid development of Dongpeng's bases. From the past year, we realize deeply that all the achievements that we gained were condensed the endeavor and sweat of all Dongpeng's staff and distributors. Every step of our development is depends on the wisedom and competence of our staff. It is your endeavor, dedication and loyalty that cast the Dongpeng's splendour. At here, I'd like to show my deep and honest respect and gratitude to all of you and distributors. Thanks you very much!

Dongpeng Waiting, Win 2010!
Prospecting 2010, the international and national economy will recover gradually. It will be a year fulling with chances for building material with a big market needs. And it is also a very important year for Dongpeng's development.

The coming year is the year for Dongpeng to integrate its resource advantages to realize its brand leap! Dongpeng will advance forward the aim of popularity and internationalization with the distributors heart in heart for the realization of our brand value.

The coming year is the year for Dongpeng to innovate and integrate its products' advantages. We will keep on our leading on the products' innovation to lead continously the trend of the fashion home.

The coming year is the year for Dongpeng to highlight its advantages on production and logistics. We will keep on our location advantages of bases to establish gradully Dongpeng's logistic system so that to be the strong supporter for terminals.

The coming year is the year for Dongpeng's third take-off to start up its "one hundred million" projects. Through many years endeavor, we have accumulated many advantages and have laid a solid base. If we integrate our advantages, realizing our brand's leap, keeping rapid development, we will be able to create a new spendour.

2010, we have an appointment with Dongpeng! For the common dream of " Hundred Enterprise, One Hundred Million Dongpeng", we will grow up together and joint endeavor to build a splendid Dongpeng! 2010 waiting, for the common concept of " be proficient in this field, and living on it", we will try our best for win-win.

At the moment of the new year, wish our staff have nice mood for work, happy family and may all go well with you!

Wish all of our general agents have boom business and luck in making money!

Wish all of our distributors grin all the time and may all your wish come true!
Mr. He Xinmin's address on new spring festival