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Culture Marketing of Ceramic for "Post-crisis Era"


Nanfang Daily Reported Dongpeng's VIP Customers' Wine Party
During the "post-crisis era", culture marketing for ceramic comes into the ceramic enterprises' ideas.
15th, January, 2010. Nanfang Daily issued a report "Culture Marketing of Ceramic for 'Post-crisis Era'" to study the trend of "experience hall", the regression of Chinese culture in the ceramic field and the new marketing idea for ceramic--the culture marketing.
Nanfang Daily's report on Dongpeng cermaic's "experience hall"
The following is the translation of the original report on Nanfang Daily:

Culture Marketing of Ceramic for "Post-crisis Era"
The wine party of Dongpeng's VIP customers of 2009 was held in its headquart building last weekend.

Unsually, the attendants not only had the building decoration enterprises, but also more than 10 big names from Foshan art world and ceramic world. Mr. Chen Kejian, the general manager of Dongpeng Ceramic, annotated Dongpeng's culture value to those big names.

In fact, culture value are becoming a grand marketing banquet in building ceramic field in Foshan. At last June, Mona Lisa Ceramic opened the global first Mona Lisa Theme Culture & Art Hall at Xiqiao. And at September of the same year, it opened its ceramic life hall with Dongpeng in Beijin again.  Marco Polo, Nobel and other famous brand also have tried their steps towards "culture" in recently years.

Experiencing the western culture marketing which is represented by baroque, Foshan's ceramic enterprises are looking for the regression of value, which can be showed by the event that Foshan's local artists was attracted by Dongpeng.

The Financial Crisis Can not Hold The Trend of "Life Hall"
"The total financial budget is 100 million which includes the following maintenance fee. Now, the spend is still within the budget." Ms. Wan Xin, the manager of Mona Lisa's Planning Department, told.

The budget which Ms. Wan mentioned is the first Renaissance Culture&Art Hall which was opened at the last June in Xiqiao. This is deemed as one of the "big deal" of culture marketing for Foshan's ceramic field after the crisis. At present, it has received more than 20 thousands domestic and oversea guests.

At the last December, the Culture Hall marched into Foshan Yimeijia Market. From the very beginning of the last year, Mona Lisa has established more than 600 marketing exhibition halls at home.

At the same time, "Dongpeng Ceramic Life Hall" was advancing step by step. At last September, Dongpeng's flagship life hall opened its doors to the public in Beijing. Now, this channel strategy which was launched at 2007 has spreaded into Dongpeng's terminals.

Although having different names, the mode that Mona Lisa and Dongpeng adopted is both called "Experience Hall".

"The mode does not array the ceramic and sanitary ware simply, rather show the decorative and applicable effect to the customers via model room." One of Dongpeng's staff pointed.

In fact, the " Experience Hall" is not only the update of products' exhibition method, but also melt the enterprise's culture into the it. For Dongpeng's halls, they integrate the line, decoration, music and other Chinese elements as well as the " Pottery Lofty" which shows and sells Foshan's pottery so that to emphasize the connotation of the "Neo-Orientalism"; while for Mona Lisa, they graft the connotation of western Renaissance which is represented by DaVinci's masterpiece "Mona Lisa".

At this "post-crisis" era, the experience hall culture marketing is still followed by the ceramic field. At the last June, Jinyitao's Beijing hall came into use and Marco Polo's has more than 600 terminal speciality which is mainly for experience at present.

The Value's Regression of Product's Culture Demands
"To tell the truth, the customers would like to spend for foreign culture. But now, it's time to regress our culture." Mr. Chen kejian expressed on the 2009 VIP customers' wine party.

At the beginning of 2008, Dongpeng's "Navona" was launched into the market. The inspiration of this product came from the baroque plaza--Navona which is the most grand plaza in Rome. And it created the historic highs of monthly sales revenue of single product in ceramic field.

"Artificial Travertine" is no doubt the most popular buiding ceramic for recently years. Almost every enterprise developed travertine products. It is known that many famous buildings are used the natural travertine stones which produced in Rome, Iran and Turkey.  The cavitation on the travertine's surface has the distinguished features of plain, elegance and stronge artistic appeal, which make it reveive numerous building masters' favor.

Except this aspect, the mainstream of western culture has other expressions. "Pininfanina" which was designed by the cooperation of Ferrairi is a product which is special designed for export. But soon it was proved that it is a hot product in domestic markets, too. In fact, "Pininfanina" is only a "borrow" of brand.

In addition, for Mona Lisa, Marco Polo and other enterprises, its own brands is indeed the demands of the western culture.

However, the break out of the domestic market which is stimulated by domestic policies provide the possiblity of domestic culture's regression. It gradually forms a large market for products which show the Chinese culture's demands.

At 2008, Dongpeng introduced officially Shiwan Pottery Doll, the " National Intangible Cultural Heritage", as its main running item. "Pottery Lofty" gathers various ceramic art work, such as small ceramic doll varied in shapes and figures, the cherished art treasures of ceramic artists in the south of the five ridges. Dongpeng propagandize it to develop Shiwan's ceramic culture. It has more than 100 terminals now.

In the meantime, Dongpeng is advocating "Neo-Orientalism" now. The design of this kind of products is modern and simple and the Chinese traditional elements are melted into it, too.

"From 2007, Dongdong begun to graft Chinese culture on ceramic products. But the try is not successful." Mr. Chen Kejian confessed frankly. But he said that as the strengthen of China's international status and culture's mainstream, the culture's regression of ceramic product is an inexorable trend.

Enterprises' Views
Su Guofeng--the domestic marketing manager of Overland:
Culture Marketing is Connected with Products' Orientation

"There are complicated reasons for those enterprises who do not adopt culture marketing." Mr. Su said that the cost of culture marketing is too much. So, if the orientation has deviation, it is not only a invest failure even it will put the whole company on the wrong direction. " For the best prosecutor of culture marketing at home, Marco Polo in Dongguan is accepted universally. But they spent more than 10 years on it for today's acheivement."

He pointed that whether to do culture marketing, the products' orientation play an important role. " For those products that have heavy modern sense, such as most products of Overland, it is not necessory to market with too heavy culture sense. But it is very convenient for Marco Polo's classic and pure rustic tiles."

Furthermore, product line also has great affect on culture marketing. Mr. Su said that it is difficult for the brand that has many sub brands to do culture marketing. For example, Overland has polished tile, rustic tile and quartz stone. It is difficult to unify the culture concept and to find a good join point. It is more easy for those who have only single product brand, such as small scale mosaic factory.

Mr. Su also pointed that the demands of culture element in domestic market is not so strong. The customers pay more attention to the products. For the factories, it is more important to strengthen channel and product than the culture marketing.

Mr. Chen Xiaolian--the general manager of CENTY sanitaryware
Culture marketing is absolutely necessary.

"Only refer the big cost of culture marketing is biased. The enterprises can have different degree's action according to its own scale. But they should not give up." Mr. Chen thinked the culture marketing is absolutely necessory.

He said that the culture of Foshan's ceramic enterprise depends on the style of the decision maker. Taking CENTY as an example, affected by the Mr. Chen's calligraphy, all of its exhibition halls of sanitaryware have a strong Chinese elements.

"Some entrepreneurs heavy practice but don't like planning culture marketing; while some like to hold large activities so that they have more marketing events."

Dongpeng's Discovery on Chinese Culture
At 2008, Dongpeng introduced officially Shiwan Pottery Doll, the " National Intangible Cultural Heritage", as its main running item. Cooperating with Foshan's famous pottery artists, they launched a series of local pottery and ceramic arts which is full of the favor of Shiwan. At present, the marketing network of " Pottery Lofty" has covered all of the domestic markets, owning more than 100 terminals.

At the same time, Dongpeng holds innovatively the Dongpeng Ceramic Art Mural which takes the design and make of various scales carved tiles, ceramic mural and embossed carving as its topic. It employs Mr. Wang Jiaqi, national first class grade industrial artist, and other big names as its senior consultant of artistic mural. According to markets' different demands, they design different product with different styles. And all the art mural are with great aesthetic values and collection value and are manually made firstly at home.

On the sixth "Chinese Ceramic Award&Keda Cup" of 2009, the China ceramic products design awards, Dongpeng's "art mural--Moutain and Water" got the special award. With its special crafts, artistic taste and limited production, Dongpeng's art mural widely praised by the market.

It is known that Dongpeng are planning to establish Chinese Ceramic History Museum. When the times come, the Shiwan's ceramic culture will be showed to the consumers in a more large scale. This will accelerate the transform of Shiwan's doll from the traditional marketing to marketization, scale and intensification.

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Written by Jia Shu & Zhao Yue from Nanfang Daily, and Photographed by Zhang Youqiong from Nanfang Daily