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Development Prospects of Ceramic Tile Industry in 2013


Ceramic Tile Products Must be Green
The 2013 building ceramic new products launch event comes to an end, and the pace of the New Year of 2013 is drawing near. Throughout the extraordinary 2012, take reference to new products launch event, as for the development of the ceramic tile industry in 2013, we made some outlook. From the new ceramic production launched in the last month of 2013 building and sanitary ceramics new innovation conference, we can easily find imitate, no matter the imitated wood, or unglazed porcelain tiles are closely around the theme of environmental protection and energy saving. This is revealed to us the direction of product innovation next year with the premise: the future ceramic tile product innovation must be on the condition of green.

2013 Porcelain Tile Market Outlook
On the one hand, with fuel prices rising and the relative shortage of ceramic raw materials, glazed porcelain tile industry is still facing enterprises blindly yield and difficult income situation, only to speed up the production and R & D capabilities, the source of the production of environmental protection and energy saving to be able stand competitive ceramic industry. On the other hand, many environmental issues facing the EU as an excuse for imposing anti-dumping on Chinese products, ceramic tile product innovation does not focus on the improvement of the environmental indicators, and then there are the products of creativity. I am afraid to cross the threshold of the green, and more not to mention consumer favorite. Even in the country, due to the improvement of living standards of our people, the green consumer products more and more attention. We can determine that the next year will be the year of comprehensive awakening and focus on the construction of the ceramic tile industry brand awareness.

Setting Off a Tile Marketing Innovation Climax
Industrial marketing practices are always constantly refurbished to improve. Ceramic tile industry marketing practices, compared this year with previous years, has changed a lot, from sports marketing, charity marketing to Internet marketing, micro film marketing, all of which show the tile industry marketing innovation capability is further strengthened. These practices not only have a lot of affirmation from marketing experts and have certainly also become a classic case of peer learning, a lot of ceramic tile enterprises are responsible person expressed their will to do more in marketing innovation, and strive to boost product sales through marketing innovation, and increase brand visibility. So, we can clearly foresee that the tile industry next year will set off a new wave of innovative marketing.