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Dongpeng Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock 3386) is the world-class brand of manufacturing and marketing ceramic tile and sanitary ware. The company was successfully listed in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 9,2013 as the first ceramic company listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Founded in 1972, Dongpeng has been committed to the ceramic industry for more than 40 years which represents a culmination of strong experience and capabilities. The company's trend; leading products all over the world, including Beijing Olympics Venue, National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, Empire State in the USA, and Building, etc.

Dongpeng has registered internationally in nearly 30 countries and regions, including the United States, United Kingdom. Our products have been recognized for its high quality and are sold internationally in 66 countries.

The Company has strong leading advantages in terms of ceramic products including porcelain tiles, unglazed porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, curtain wall tiles, sanitary ware, micro glazed porcelain tiles, etc.

Looking for your business investment in your country? Dongpeng, the world leading ceramic brand, global investment now is on the way! Join us now!

Distribution Strategy

Further expand the sales network in global wide by developing more international dealers and distributors.

Dongpeng’s G5 Program has unmatched advantages within the industry and its success is proven in our national market.

G5 program is committed to provide each of our “partners” most innovative products in high quality and efficient and professional service for business development.

What’s G5

G5 is a statement, an exclusive Dongpeng dealer program,designed to help you drive sales and profits with the merchandising solutions and promotional support.

Good Display Tailored your showroom design and match unique market needs
Good Promotion Merchandising services to assist business owners ,floor managers with showroom develop marketing event and program , “get inside the end user’s mind”
Good Training Operations and training support to build your core business and be professional selling more.
Good Service Develop a product mix best suited for your market
Develop a service profile ( TCS pdf ) to support your business needs
Professional sale guide and reasonable suggestion

Good Application Per-design, Installation, Facade


Dongpeng has strong leading advantages in terms of ceramic products including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, unglazed porcelain tiles, and etc. The world-leading products will provide you the full-line service and help you expending local market shortly also get well performance in your business.


Offering the most designed and stylish products every year by our international R&D team. More than 300 members research and launch new products. We keep leading ahead of the new trend, to assist gain more market share for our partner.


With our excellent ceramic marketing team, we provide marketing strategy to match each local market. In the early market start planning your advertising strategy, develop marketing programs and implementation guidance, you will get the full-line marketing solution.


We provide the efficiency manage system to assist our partners for their business, also with the successful model can be cloned and established a scientific management to make your business more scientific and efficient operation.

We Help You to Build G5

We deliver a level of personalized service that supports your team for smooth / timely project completion.
Experienced Commercial Sales Specialists will manage every aspect of your business, from product specs to inventory control and logistics, which keeps you on time,on budget, and also to be profitable!