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Dongdong Worldwidely Starts Its New VI(Visual Identity)--Experts Say "This is a great


Abstract: With the three-year stratagy of "Transfer the Tendency in 2006, Show the Sword in 2007 and Soar in 2008"", and the stratagy of 2009's "Turning the Crisis into Oppotunities", Dongpeng's brand awareness and reputation has raised rapidly. Returnning the title of "Significant Brands of China's Building Ceramic Industry" in 2006 and 2008, according the statistics of the World Brand Labour in 2009, Dongpeng's brand value jumped from the 13.582 billion in 2006 to 23.53 billion in 2009. The leap of the brand's value made Dongpeng exceeded many famous brands to be the top of ceramic brand value list.

In 2009, Dongpeng forward its "two-hundred" prospect for " Hundred Enterprise, One Hundred Million Dongpeng", which promoted its brand development to a new stage. On this new stage, Dongpeng will transform its indsutry brand into international brand via the strong brand propagations.

In order to adapt to the new developing stage of the brand, Dongpeng's VI(visual identity) will change from the" Dongpeng Ceramic" into "Dongpeng Ceramic Tile&Sanitaryware", and its advertising slogan will change from "Found Spirituality Sapce" into "The Beauty of the World". With the issue of the new VI, Dongpeng has successfully signed Shenxue and Zhaohongbo, the golden owner of the figure skating, as its brand spokesman to show the beauty of the world together with its three-dimensional propagations.

On 16th, April, Guandong Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. held its press conference to notice the enabled of its new VI. The vip guests who attended the conference included Mr, Yexiangyang, the vice chairman of the China Building Materials Federation & the chairman of China Building Ceramic Association, Mr. Dingweidong, the honorable chairman of China Building Ceramic Association, Mr. Shenshuhua, the deputy director general of Foshan Chancheng District Business and Trade Bureau, Mr. Hexinming, the board chairman of Dongpeng, Mr. Chenxiaobo, Dongpeng's vice general manager, Mr. Wangsiping, the General Secretary and Mr. Caichuyang, the general manager of Dongpeng.

The Government and the Industry Leader Gave a High Appraisal to Dongpeng's New VI
Mr. Yexiangyang highly appraised Dongpeng's new VI. He said that the new VI's issue stated that Dongpeng's brand orientation would express its theme more distincted and more accurate. And it also indicated that Dongpeng's brand innovation came into a new stage.  Furthermore, it also showed Dongpeng's world vision, stragetic vision and great ambition to forge a world brand.

Mr. Shenshuhua said on the conference that for the brand process, Foshan ceramic industry was the forerunner. Foshan's building ceramic brand were famous on domestic markets and some of them were even famous on oversea markets. Dongpeng Ceramic was the most representative brand. It was the first to establish its flagship store at European countries to promote Chinese ceramic brand with its international vision. The update of Dongpeng's VI showed that its brand process would step on a new stage. It gave a profounding meaning for Foshan's building ceramic enterprises on how to cultivate brands and develop brands. "As a administration department of the local government and the main responsible person of the Office of the tranform and the update for Foshan Ceramic Industry, we think that Dongpeng is out of question a flag of ceramic tile during the process of the industrial optimization of Foshan's ceramic industry, of the brand's forge and on the road of technological transformation and the products innovation. We surely affirm its role. It is really deserved."

VI Illustration of Dongpeng's New VI
According to Mr. Chenxiaobo's introduction, based on the first soar, Dongpeng forwarded its second soar of its brand in order to solidify its first brand position in the building ceramic industry, and to forge the domestic popularization brand and then for a international brand. "The strategy orientation of Dongpeng's brand is a world professional brand."

It is reported that during the marketing research process on "Customers' Impression on Dongpeng Ceramic", there were 59% person who thought Dongpeng's products were ceramic, 24% for sanitary ware, 11% for crafts and 6% person who didn't know anything about Dongpeng. So, it decided to do this transform of Dongpeng's VI from Dongpeng Ceramic to Dongpeng Ceramic Tile. "The orientation of 'Dongpeng Ceramic Tile is distinct to let the customer know that it a company for ceramic tile."

Dongpeng Ceramic Tile shows the main business of Dongpeng brand to highlight the professional status of Dongpeng ceramic tile brand and to bear the weight of its brand connotation.

The font and the color of the new VI have been changed. It used the fashion and modern sense "red" to instead the old deep red. The font of the "Dongpeng Ceramic Tile" is also modern and fashion, too.

Analysed by the insiders, the new VI of "Dongpeng Ceramic Tile, The Beauty of the World" has the features of great visual impact, diversity and huge brand. This is unmatched by other advertising language. Mr. Chenjunfeng stated that together with the group company's brand propagation, the propagation topic of Dongpeng sanitary ware will be "Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, the Beauty of the World!".

Dongpeng sanitary ware has developed some world class products, such as Elizabeth series, bathroom cabinet with the word highest intelligentialize, Angelina sanitary ware space, "Bellah" series bathroom cabinet, "Eiffel Tower" batrhroom cabinet, Oscar series and so on. All of these products are with international technology and international fashion designs. Dongpeng's sanitary ware will be promoted in domestic markets with the concept of "International Sanitary Ware Week".

"Through such kind of promotion, we hope that our sanitary ware which is with word class styles and functions will be brought to thousands of households' customers. And for the new VI of 'Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, The Beauty of the World' will also be recognized by thousands of households via CCTV media, Sohu Focus and other local media propagation. " Mr. Chenjunfeng said.

the conference of Dongpeng's new VI


color compare of Dongpeng's new and old VI The compare of Ads' slogan
 Color Compare: the upper is the old one with traditional deep red; 
                           the down is the new one with fashion and international red with great distinctness
 The compare of Ads' slogan: The upper is "Found Spirituality Sapce"
 The down is " The Beauty of the World"
Compare of the VI The compare of the font
 Compare of the VI  The compare of the font