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Dongpeng donors 100,000 yuan to help the promotion of rubbish classification in Foshan


On July 8, 2015, the final competition of the fourth Foshan Charity Competition, which hosted by Foshan Media Group and Foshan Charity, was held in Foshan Daily. The 35 finalists were participated in road show respectively, and paired with donated units. Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited participated in four consecutive competitions, and donated 100,000 yuan for this competition to support the project of "Being New Human to Protect the Environment Together", thereby further pushing up the public’s awareness of rubbish classification.

The representative of Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited and the representative of Being New Human to Protect the Environment Together project took a group photo to mark the occasion

Dongpeng chose the "Being New Human to Protect the Environment Together" project as the sponsoring subject in this charity competition. This project was planed and implemented by the Foshan City Green Home Environmental Protection Promotion Center. And it mainly conducts the educational work of rubbish classification in schools of Foshan, the project period is 12 months.

Business representatives and those representatives from sponsored projects posed for a group photo

As the leader of the ceramic industry, in addition to the product design and production with clear environmental protection norms, Dongpeng always takes concrete actions and spares no effort to fulfill the corporate citizenship’s social responsibility. As early as 2012, Dongpeng initiated and set up Foshan Alliance of Charity with a group of leading enterprises and became one of the backbones and it set an example by personally taking part for other enterprises.

In the first three competitions, Dongpeng respectively sponsored the projects of “Sergeant in Yongan Protect the Emergency Alarm System” (2012), Recycling Plan of Waste Battery in "Beautiful Foshan Micro Low-carbon Action" (2013) and the warm heart action of "Hold up the Future Sun" etc, which fully embodied Dongpeng’s high attention in various fields, such as natural environmental protection, social concern etc.

Dongpeng Hold up the Future Sun

Dongpeng sponsored "Sergeant in Yongan Protect the Emergency Alarm System"

It is reported that the 4th Foshan Charity Competition started on May 18 and 115 projects declared to take part in the competition. Finally, a total of 19 projects obtained a capital support of 2.45 million yuan which was offered by 11 charity alliance enterprises, including Dongpeng and Foshan Charity. These projects are involved in caring for women and children, environmental protection and helping the elderly and disabled, etc

The judges and enterprise are listening to the road show

Tian Yuan, the vice president of Foshan Charity and the deputy director of Foshan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said the competition built the platform for all sectors of society to participate in charity and let the good projects to get display and funding, it also grew the good teams and promoted the modern charity concept of "happy charity, everyone's participation", "I am sure that there will be more social forces to participate in the competition later".