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Dongpeng Get The Prize Of "Best After-Sales Service"

On March 12th,in the afternoon, "advocating service culture, leading industry upgrade - 2015 household service industry survey conference "was held in Netease building in Guangzhou. In the conference, authoritative portal Netease released all of top 11 after-sales service in the industry's latest survey, and give praise to these enterprises of outstanding after-sale service. Leading brand of ceramic, Dongpeng ceramic tile with 98 points ranked first, won title of "best after-sales service".
In this conference, Netease announced the 315 report of this year, covered with ceramic tile, sanitary ware, cabinets, wardrobe, etc. 11 household industry. Having made a big parade on the after-sales service of 300 famous brand . Since February, The Netease investigators on weekdays and day off three different time periods respectively, simulation investigating enterprise after-sales service quality. Its score include,whether you can find after-sales service telephone, convenient and quick after-sales phone whether charges, telephone connection, service attitude, complaints can get professional solution for the five aspects.

This investigation involving 41 ceramic tile enterprises, with an average score of 76.17, 19.1 points higher than last year, the pass rate of 80.49%, is 37.63% higher than last year, the overall service quality has improved greatly.

Survey results show that The top tile after-sales service points won by Dongpeng, scoring 98 points, ahead of the grade average point of 21.83 points, 5 consecutive championships, was awarded the "best after-sales service award".
It is reported that in after-sales service, the Dongpeng has built a specialization, standardization, standardization of leading system. As early as 2001 Dongpeng has comprehensively adapted the TCS service system, becoming the first strategy enterprise to adapt service system in the field of porcelain floor tile. And Dongpeng had made several improvement on the service more than 10 years. In 2014, Dongpeng ceramic tiles fully swings the custom service center TCS "Sunshine Angel", first to launch a valued custom service in the industry, for consumers personalized, intelligent, green health service, created a new industry service standards.

In the investigation of the Netease, Dongpeng new "sunshine angel" customization service for the first time of inspection, will show the industry the highest service levels. In addition to the traditional service website, phone, stores, with the fast development of the Internet era, Dongpeng follow the trend of The Times, take the lead in introducing the microblogging, micro letter, online stores, micro store and other new carriers. Know more about the customers, and be active to offer hospitality service to help all customers deal with different kinds of decoration service, building a happy home for you all.

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