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Dongpeng Leads the Ceramic Tile Industry Through Technology Innovation


In 2013, Chinese ceramic industry gains the world's attention by innovation and technology. Dongpeng, as a Chinese ceramics enterprises, became the first one in China to participate in CERSAIE, the world's biggest ceramics exhibition. It invented hard and transparent Royal Jade Tiles and Amazon Series Tiles, which turned out to subvert the existing standard of “hard but hardly transparent, transparent but hardly hard". It also made the innovative air purifying ceramic floor tile and wall tile.

Dongpeng gets market shares with innovation and wins the world’s recognition with cutting-edge technology. It finds a way out to self-upgrade and build its own brand under the fierce competition.

Dongpeng Leands the Industry From "Manufacturing" to "Innovating"
In many people's opinion, ceramics is a traditional industry which need little technology and innovation. Chinese ceramic enterprises is reluctant to invent new types of ceramic tiles because they are easily copied, which leads to intensified competition in low-end ceramic tile market in the 1990’s.

In 1996, Dongpeng’s managers realized that they should not continue to combat with other enterprises in the low-end market, for their profit would continues to decrease. Therefore, they decided to march into the high-end market with technology and product innovation.

Mr. He Xinming, Dongpeng’s current CEO, occasionally found a raw material call "perlato svevo", which is with bright color and high glossiness. Decorative ceramic tile made from this material can create luxury decorative effect but it is quite expensive. In order to develop a material comparable to "perlato svevo", Mr. He and other technicians began to do in-depth research and they finally made out the first "perlato svevo" tile after trials and errors. "This product was so great that it enables large increase in our sales and it helped us make up the deficits and get surpluses. It also led the tile trend at that time," said Mr. He.

woord grain porcelain tile

After such a great success, dongpeng puts more effort in product and technology innovation. It take out 3% of annual revenue as R&D funds and has set up provincial engineering ceramics technology research center, established the industry's first post-doctoral workstations and cooperated with the world’s famous research institutions and design centers. Carrara, Travertine, Navona, Super Travertine, Crystal Porcelain Tile, Amazon Tile and Air Purifying Tile, etc. are all invented by Dongpeng. These products are with either new design or new function, which got international national patent and quickly got market shares.

Besides products design, Dongpeng ceramics also enhance their product function. "We can not simply sell tiles, but we should try to make our tiles the fashion clothes of consumers’ house," said Mr. He. Through investment in the product application design, Dongpeng effectively increase added value to its products and turn itself from selling tiles to selling space solutions, as well as from selling products to selling culture.

At the same time, Dongpeng has invested more on new design, new technology and new materials, which leads to a number of ceramic sanitary wares with new applications.

Many Dongpeng products and technologies have ranged first-class in the world. "Chinese enterprises should step over the period of manufacturing and march to innovation and creation, if they want to gain a foodhold in the global market, " added by Mr. He.