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Dongpeng Releases Innovatively New Product - Air-purify Tile


Dongpeng released its newest product – air-purify tile to the construction material industry in a press conference on May 31st, 2013. This kind of tile had been under painstaking development for 4 years before its release. It is an innovative tile that can achieve four functions which are air purification, humidity control, odors elimination and home decoration.

With a strong technical innovation ability, Dongpeng ceramics once again becomes a pioneer of product category development and leads the trend of the industry. Under the circumstance that people are more concern about healthy life and home environment, Dongpeng undoubtedly opens up a new market.

Category Subdivision, Consumer Focusing
Ceramic tile industry, like ceramic floor tile industry, is undergoing assimilation nowadays and price competition is intensified. In order to find a way out of the current situation, some innovative companies in the industry have accelerated the pace of innovation and new technologies and products continue to emerge.

Dongpeng always pays close attention to the industrial trends and consumers’ needs. It has been adhering to the tenet that "building brand with quality, promote brand with technology and spread brand with public praise". It focus on consumers’ demands based on cutting-edge technology.

Dongpeng air-purify tile is a great breakthrough which is cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary. Its market prospect is promising, with more than 80 partners signed contract with Dongpeng within 7 days after its release.

Independent R&D, National Patent Got

Dongpeng got its original idea from continuous focus on consumers’ demand. Its technicians made technological breakthroughs in both harmful gases elimination and decomposition as well as décor functions. This new decorative ceramic tile has got Chinese national patent. There are also other air-purify tiles in the foreign market, but they are with high prices and single colors, which can not meet the décor demands of most consumers. Dongpeng air-purify tile can not only purify air, but also meet the décor demand with colorful designs. It is suitable to be used in projects like toilets and smoking areas in public places, infirmary clubs, hospitals, libraries, museums, children's rooms and old people’s houses, etc.

Eco-friendly Feature and Outstanding Design, More Market Shares Taken
Core competency of Dongpeng has been stronger and stronger and its leadership in the industry has become increasingly prominent. It is said that Dongpeng proprietary patented technologies have reached 286, in which some key independent innovation products technologies and core technologies have reached international advanced level, which won the world the respect. Dongpeng air-purify tiles are only 6mm in thickness, which saves raw materials and energy consumption in production. It is said that Dongpeng will take this new tile to the CERSAIE to show the world of Chinese tile breakthough.