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External Wall Dry-hanging Technology


Brief Introduction to Dongpeng Curtain Wall Dry-hanging
As one of the surging leading brands in the building sanitary ceramics industry, the Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramic Co., Ltd is always with a view to the industry of the production and application of global building ceramics, and has won high praise from the industry with its sophisticated technology and its rigorous and scientific thinking on research and development. In 2005, it united Tsinghua University and the Beijing Qingshi Innovative Curtain Wall Technology Co., Ltd and succeeded in developing the back-trough-type curtain wall dry-hanging system with a national patented technology. The three professional organiztions' power-power cooperation, together with their strong comprehensive strength, sophisticated technical support and perfect service, has revolutionarily rewritten the history that the security of the curtain wall dry-hanging system is insufficent.

At the end of 2005, Dongpeng invested a huge sum of money to make up a specialized research and development team, integrate the existing products in an all-round way, and aiming at the characteristics of building curtain walls, making to order the Potsdam series, China gray series, slate series and standstone series researched and developed independently, such products as the Travertine series, Milky Way stone series, etc. representing the word level. Their colors are abundant and accurate, and they are high-grade products ( Their specifications are complete, their colors are saturated and various, and the technology is closely combined with the products) made totally in accordance with the requirements for the design and construction of interior and external walls by architectural designers. Some specific large-scale projects can be made to order according to a special situtation and at the request of architectural designers so as to meet your design demands and the national standard requirements for construction management by 100%.

Dongpeng Curtain Wall Vitrolite Characteristics
High Strength:
The rupture strength of the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is 4 times higher than that of marble and more than 2 times higher than that of granite, with small discreteness and relatively steady strength.

Light Deadweight:
As the rupture strength of the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is great, the thickness of its curtain wall panel is thinner by a half than that of stone material, and its deadweight is lighter than that of stone material by one time, reducing the load of a whole building and the cost on the whole curtain wall effectively.

Good Self-Cleaning and Resistance to Weathering:
China has an atmospheric environment in which coal is maily used for generating electricity, so its air has sulfur pollution with very high concentration, having very strong corrosion to the surface of a building. As the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is acidproof and able to stand alkali, its ability to resist this kind of pollution corrosion is the strongest.

The Designs and Varieties Are Abundant and the Color Difference is Small:
The natural stone material is very difficult to accomplish very small color difference in a large area and unable to have no color difference at all, causing an external wall project often to get to a mine in order to look for materials, and the rolling yield to be low, with high costs and poor color effect. However, the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is very easy to accomplish one color in several ten thousand square meters, making the external wall of a building have little color difference, and no the premise of this and by passing random computerized material distribution, realizing the naturality of vitrolite surface texture. The Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite has already formed a lot of color systems and many pattern curtain wall vitrolite series, meeting the different demands of different customers for design.

Freeze Thawing Resistance:
The water absorbing rate of the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is lower than 0.1%, and the material is high in density, has little space, and is good for freezing resistance in a high and cold area. The water absorbing rate of a natural stone material is high, having much space and poor freeze thawing resistance in a high and cold area.

No Deformation:
The Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is fired through 1260 degrees of high temperature, the panel itself has very good rigidity, and after being installed, can expand and contract freely when being influenced by temperature, so the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite does not deform because of temperature influence during the process of being used.

The fireproofing of the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is good. It is formed through 1260 degrees of high-temperature firing, is able to bear the high temperature, and does not burst in a situation that it is suddenly cold or suddenly hot.

As the Dongpeng curtain wall vitrolite is added with a composite layer, even if the vitrolite is accidently broken, the broken plate can be glued into a whole under the action of the composite layer, difficult to come off, thus prevent the emergence of a dangerous accident.