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Five Popular Styles for Porcelain Tile Decoration

In the current society which advocates constantly innovating and changing, the demands for decorative tiles of people have increased with passing day. This social phenomenon is forcing those porcelain tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development and innovation, so that they can constantly introduce the new products to meet the different needs of consumers.
In recent years, in accordance with the latest needs, five trends have appeared on the stage of international tile market.
unglazed porcelain tile
The first style is hyperbolic type. This style is keen on the extensive use of heavy and brilliant colors of tile, such as gold and black, bright green and purple. Each pattern and color can make different surprises on customers’ vision. This style is popular with the architects and consumers who are fervently pursuing individuality. One typical example for this style is crystal porcelain tile which has abrasive resistance and pressure resistance. The glittering and luxuriant color will never fade.
The second style is nostalgic type. This tile is beige and light blue-based. The design is based on the church in 13th and 14th century, the European palace and portraits of ancient Greece. From pictures to colors, the designs are very decent. The customers are mostly middle-class conservative. The typical representative for this style is glazed porcelain tiles.
The third style is gentle type. This tile takes some soft colors as main color. The most popular pattern for this style is wood grain porcelain tile, which is favored by people of all ages.
The last two styles are lovely type and administrative type. The former type focuses more on fashion and modernity. The main colors are wine, dark green and dark blue, etc.. The particularly designed uneven lines combined with the color which can impress people the strong three-dimensional. The latter design is more classical. The main color tends to pink or lighter colors, which is less eye-catching but containing the atmosphere of learning. is located in Shiwan, Foshan the renowned ceramic town of China. Sticking to the core concept of "joint effort and sincere trading", the company specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile.