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Framed, Pottery and Ceramic Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas


One of the easiest ways to install a tile backsplash in your kitchen is actually not to install it at all. For a highly customizable, easily removed backsplash, purchase a large frame that fills the area behind your stove, in a material and style that compliments your existing kitchen design. Choose the tiles you’d like to create your backsplash with, and then glue them to the inside back of the frame. Hang the frame above your stove, near enough to catch spills and splashes, but far enough to not be affected by the stove’s heat. If you decide to reset your backsplash, simply take the frame off the wall, and create a new framed tile mosaic.

This backsplash idea can be done by yourself, or created by a professional installer, depending on how comfortable you feel. Visit garage sales and thrift stores to find old, chipped, outdated pottery and dishware to create your backsplash mosaic. Break dishes, cups, bowls and even teapots to form small tiles from the broken ceramic that can then be installed on the backsplash just like classic tile. Try to find pottery and tableware in colors that blend with your kitchen design theme and you’ll save money on store-bought tiles by creating your own. For a truly unique backsplash, try installing cups or broken teapot halves protruding from the wall. They will take longer to clean than a flat surface, but this one of a kind look is sure to make your kitchen stand out.

If you love the look of stone tiles for your kitchen, but can’t afford the increase in cost, try purchasing “stone” ceramic floor tiles. Many companies offer less expensive ceramic floor tile designed to mimic the look and feel of stone, allowing homeowners the opportunity to install the stylish look they want for kitchen backsplashes without the high cost. Try buying varying colors, shapes and styles for an intricate backsplash pattern.