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Get More Information of Glazed Tiles


Definition and Classification
Glazed tiles are tiles with surface been treated by glost firing. According to the different raw materials, glazed tile, as common decorative ceramic tile, can be divided into the glazed ceramic tiles and glazed porcelain tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are made by burning argils, with high water absorption rate, and lower intensity. They are made by burning porcelain clay, with low water absorption rate and higher intensity. It is important to note that the water absorption rate and the intensity, mentioned above are relative. There are also some glazed ceramic tiles enjoy higher water absorption rate and higher intensity than the glazed porcelain tiles.
According to different glossy, glazed tiles can be divided into glossy glazed tiles and matte glazed tiles. The most common type of tiles in decoration is glazed tiles. Because of the rich colors and strong antifouling ability, glazed tiles are widely used in wall and floor decoration.

1. Glazed tiles are of rich colors, various sizes, convenience to clean, large choice for space, suitability for kitchens and bathrooms. Surface of glazed tiles can be designed various patterns and figures. They enjoy richer colors and patterns than polished porcelain tiles. As its name implies, is the surface glaze firing.
2. Surface strength of glazed tiles produced by good porcelain tile manufacturer is much stronger so that they can be dually used as wall tiles and floor tiles. Compared with the polished tiles, the biggest advantage of glazed tiles is impermeable ability. Glazed tiles will not suffer from dirty. Most of the glazed tiles have excellent anti-slip performance. Besides, surface of glazed tiles can be burned various decorative patterns on, with a lot of styles. Although the abrasion resistance of glazed tiles is a bit weaker than that of polished tiles, but the abrasion resistance of qualified glazed tiles is absolutely enough to meet common families' needs.
3. With impermeability, seamless splice, arbitrary shapes, and sound toughness, glazed tiles will basically never suffer from fracture. 4. Water absorption: water absorption rate of glazed tiles is less than 21%.
5. Resistance to splat cooling and thermal shock: it means the glazed tiles property of resistance to sudden cooling and sudden heat without cracking. The hot and cold temperature difference of the experiment is 130ʿ2 "c.
6. Bending strength: the average value of bending strength of glazed tiles is not less than 16MPa. When tiles' thickness is greater than or equal to 7.5mm, the average value of bending strength will be not less than 13MPa.