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Green Storm Is Coming: Ceramic Tile Is Going To Be One Leading Material For Curtain Wall


Dongpeng Porcelain Curtain Wall Case In Haerbin

In recent years, China's construction industry to blow up a storm "green", Our nation's each related department have issued notice to promote the development of green building, requiring all local governments to strictly implement the relevant regulations.

Green building, also known as the construction of sustainable development, ecological construction building, building energy conservation, environmental protection, return to nature is to point to in the construction of the whole life cycle, maximize resource conservation(energy conservation, land, water, and materials), protecting the environment and reduce pollution to provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and the natural harmonious coexistence of architecture.

Curtain wall is the "skin" of modern urban architecture, the concept of green building has given rise to a new generation of curtain wall: green curtain wall. Experts point out that the green curtain wall should have natural lighting, thermal insulation, energy saving, pollution prevention, and other functions, at present most curtain wall materials can't reached the standard of green curtain wall. Data shows, the current product structure of curtain wall industry, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall respectively accounted for 50% and 50% of the market share, but due to the frequent glass curtain wall explosive problem, light pollution has been known, and stone material resources are increasingly scarce, stone curtain wall cost more and more expensive. Therefore, based on abundant, security and stability, in line with the green theme of modern ceramic tiles porcelain plate become a new trend of curtain wall.

Porcelain plate curtain wall is a kind of green curtain wall, having high performance in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared with other curtain wall products, such as glass, stone curtain wall, porcelain plate curtain wall with a strong self-cleaning function, reduces the cleaning and maintenance of the energy dissipation in the late period. And its simple and convenient construction reduces the construction cost. Today, the porcelain plate curtain wall is developing in the direction of the scale, industrialization, and research and development of advanced technology is gradually, under the efforts of the industry, the development of the porcelain plate curtain wall and construction cost will be further reduced. The porcelain plate curtain wall at the same time of consume less resources, to achieve the effect of the natural beauty. In addition, due to the porcelain plate curtain wall thermal insulation, strong decorative performance and high security performance advantages, its market share is increasing.

We have learned, porcelain plate curtain wall on the market at present, represented by traditional ceramic giant porcelain plate production enterprises--DONGPENG wholesale porcelain tiles occupied most of market shares. Dongpeng has listed in HongKong as professional manufacturers and brands supplier of China ceramic tile and sanitary ware products, is China's largest single brand ceramic tile company, having deep "attainments" in the field of porcelain plate curtain wall. Dongpeng on the research of the porcelain plate curtain wall began in 1998, based on the porcelain plate in the curtain wall technology, design, quality, application and maintenance of continuous study, has created a series of safe and reliable, beautiful and practical, advanced technology and economic and reasonable porcelain plate curtain wall products, becoming a leader in the field of ceramic tile wall.

Now with the blowing wind of environmental protection, in the construction field Dongpeng has become the leader of the green curtain wall. It is understood that the Dongpeng successively participated in the editing of related all national or industrial standards on porcelain plate curtain wall , including the related articles of green porcelain plate. In addition, the Dongpeng strictly control the product quality, whether energy consumption, radioactive, or the ability to resist pollution, Dongpeng ceramic plate curtain wall is far better than the national standard, the radioactivity level to decorate material to its lowest level radioactive (class A), said the product production and the use range of completely is not restricted. Proved in 2013 sales of more than 1 million square meters area, as a professional China porcelain tile manufacturer,Dongpeng's porcelain plate product of excellent quality, has recognised by the height of the market.

Porcelain plate is a world recognized recycled environmentally friendly products, which conforms to the trend of green architecture and green home era, in many sectors such as home decoration has gradually replace the glass and stone. With the continuous development of dry hanging porcelain plate technology, porcelain plate products as dry hanging curtain wall materials, not only having good adornment performance, security, resistant to acid and alkali, and other additional functions such as insulation, is the first choice for green home, it's believed that the porcelain plate is widely used in curtain wall area just around the corner.