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Historic Breakthrough —— Dongpeng to Join CERSAIE as the First Chinese Brand


In the past, Chinese enterprises took part in the CERSAIE as foreign listed companies or foreign exhibitor cooperators, and no one has yet joined the CERSAIE as a Chinese enterprise.
This history is going to be changed from now on. Dongpeng Ceramic is going to participate in the 2013 CERSAIE in Bologna. It is the first Chinese ceramic enterprise to attende the exhibition with its own brand. Dongpeng will bring high-end and characterized Chinese ceramic tiles to the show and show the world greatness of Chinese tiles.

From National Brand to World Famous Brand
CERSAIE is known as the largest exhibition in ceramic sanitary ware industry, which has a history of 30 years. It is regard as the trend indicator for ceramic products in the industry. Until now, no Chinese enterprise has took part in the show because of the organizers’ restriction to Chinese enterprises.
"With many years’ efforts of Chinese authorities, the CERSAIE organizers finally invited Chinese exhibitors to join the show this year,"said Mr. Liu Ren, General Manager of Dongpeng’s International Trading Department, "Dongpeng is the only Chinese enterprise invited to the show in 2013, so Dongpeng will not only represents itself, but also represents the whole ceramic industry in China. The organizers give our company a big booth of 200 square meters and Dongpeng is to bring our best products to the show."

Chinese Leading Brand V.S. International Brands
"Dongpeng is qualified as CERSAIE exhibitor because its strong and comprehensive competitiveness and healthy development." Said Mr. Gao Xiasheng, Deputy Secretary of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association.
With continuous innovation, Dongpeng is now competitive in foreign markets and its competitiveness is bound to be more and more stronger with continuous improvement of its international image. “CERSAIE is a world-class stage and it has strict requirements for its exhibitors. Dongpeng’s product is one of the representatives of the industry through our close contact with the international market and 6 years’ participation in Coverings in US. With solid foundation, Dongpeng is able to design, develop and offer Chinese leading ceramic products which meet international high-level standard. As a Chinese ceramic enterprise, it is a great honor to participate CERSAIE and compete with those world-known brands.” Mr. Liu Ren added.

Important Step in Internationalization for Dongpeng
To take part in CERSAIE is generally regarded as an important step in the process of internationalization for Chinese ceramic enterprises. It is also a great goal of them. In view of globalization, China’s ceramic brands are developing quite fast and some of them have reached the international advanced level in some areas. However, competitiveness, especially core technology and self-own brand, is still the weakness of Chinese ceramic enterprises. Mr. Liu Ren believes that at present Chinese enterprises lack foresight and deep understanding of the industry, and their somewhat shallow understanding of Western culture also affects the process of internationalization of the industry. In particular, he pointed out that Chinese enterprises should catch up with advanced foreign enterprises in terms of intellectual property rights.
Dongpeng continues to boost its own transformation with an international perspective and develop a series of high value-added products to the international market to push its internationalization. Dongpeng has open its own brand stores in Italy, United State, Korea and Japan, etc. It has set up its branch in Europe and cooperated with Rex, a famous high-end ceramic brand in Italy.
To participate in CERSAIE is an important opportunity for Dongpeng’s brand development, and it will be a great example for Chinese enterprises which are entering the global market.