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Historical Background of Ceramic Tile


Flame resistant metallic oxides and semi-metallic oxides form into acid and alkali resistance porcelain or stone construction or decoration material by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and firing. That is called ceramic tiles. Its raw material is a mixture of clay, quartz sand, and so on.

Tile history of ceramic tile flooring can be traced back to 4000 BC, when Egypt had begun using ceramic tiles to decorate various types of housing. People dried clay bricks in the sun or dried them by baking, and then they painted the tiles by blue glaze extracted from copper.

By 4000 BC, tiles were also found in Mesopotamian. Decorative ceramic tile achieved decorative purposes by blue and white stripes. Later more styles and colors came. China is the center of ceramic arts. As early as in the Shang and Yin Dynasty (1523-1028 BC), Chinese people produced a fine white stoneware.

In the Islamic era, all tiles decorating method reached its peak in Persian. Subsequently, ceramic tiles application gradually was popular worldwide. During the course of history of ceramic tile flooring, mosaic of Spain and Portugal, floor tiles of Italy during the Renaissance, glazed tiles in Antwerp, tile artwork development in Netherlands and tiles in Germany had significance as landmarks.

In ancient times, ceramic tiles were hand-made. In other words, each piece of ceramic tiles were manually shaped and manually colored so that each tile was a unique piece of art. Today, around the world, manufacturers use automated production technology. Human's hands are only used to install ceramic tile flooring. As in the past, both indoor and outdoor decoration needs tiles.

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