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How Many Ceramic Flooring Chinese Market Needs?


Question Raised
How many ceramic flooring Chinese market needs? That's a question has been paid close attention to for long time in ceramic industry. In 1996, many experts and officials in ceramic industry began to cry out that ceramic wall and floor tiles were seriously in a glut, beyond the market requirements. However, it seemed that ceramic tile manufacturers did not care about those voices. Depending on their feelings to market demand, their acknowledgement to their competitive capacity of enterprises in this industry, they boldly increased ceramic wall tile and ceramic floor tile production lines, expanded their company, and increased production. Nanzhuang Town in Foshan developed into a mature ceramic town at that time.

Two Different Points of View
Some people regarded ceramic oversupply while some went all out and went fast, persisting their old ways so that media, officials, and even experts described the industry development at that period as "White Terror". Actually, the result was not that horrible. The increase was really terrifying: in 1997, Chinese ceramic tiles output reached 18.42 billion square meters, with an increase of 35.772%. That last for 10 years. On one hand, related departments constantly appealed ceramic oversupply through the press; on the other hand, the ceramic industry expanded continuously. Production was increased year by year. At most of time, both production and marketing thrived. Thus in 2007, Chinese ceramic tiles output reached 50 billion square meters, which occupied 50% of world output. Then, a question came up. When will the ceramic tiles output stop? That is to say, how many ceramic flooring Chinese market needs?

Further Discussion
In "2007 National Architectural Ceramics Industrial Development Situation Analysis" and "2008 Our Architectural Ceramics Industrial Development Analysis and Prospect", author asked "how many ceramic tiles Chinese need?" The answer has come closer and closer. More professionals worry about whether Chinese ceramic tiles output is oversupplied.

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Compared to the world, Chinese average possession of ceramic tiles is not big. Ceramic tiles in China are not oversupplied. Although China is a big exporter of ceramic tile flooring, average ceramic export share is apparently low. China is a developing country and there is demand for ceramic tiles. There is still a certain space for domestic ceramic tile demand.