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How to choose and set your bathroom porcelain tile?


When you design your bathroom, you would not hesitate to choose porcelain tile as its floor covering around. Bathroom floor tile should be water-proof and safe to walk on with your wet feet.

In this situation, porcelain tile is specifically made to be corrugated to create safe traction, and small tiles with raised grouting around or grouting sparely below the tile face also will make sure the bathroom floor is safer. The double-fired bathroom floor is more water resistant compared with the single-fired one, because the former is fired in a kiln and much harder than the latter. To keep your family and yourself safe, you should choose double-fired tiles.

Porcelain tile is accessible in a great deal of colors and patterns. Choosing the tiles with single and light color would allow you to have more options when selecting bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains, drapes, rugs and towels. Having a handyman to tie your bathroom floor is not a cost-efficient way, and you could do it easily by yourself. You can learn on the internet or by the books which is inexpensive.

The most challenging task in installing the tiles is slicing the tile to fit around pipes, curves and corners. You have to cut the tiles to fit into those places, but it is much more troublesome, so careful measuring and marking are important. Having a few tries, you will find how easy it is to handle. It would take several hours to install and dry the floor tile. Cutting may need your strength, and you absolutely could take it as a kind of exercise. By doing that, you can exercise your muscles and improve your artistic abilities. Making your own design and installing the tile by yourself is an artistic and enjoyable.