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How to Choose Glazed Tiles?


1. Observe the surface of the glazed tiles, the glaze should be smooth, delicate, touch no particles; glazed tiles are crystal glossy, matt tiles should be soft. Color pattern should be delicate, realistic, and there is no obvious lack of color, disconnection, dislocation and other defects. Join a few pieces of glazed tiles together, look carefully in the light, good product color difference is very small, the tone between glazed porcelain tile is consistent; poor product is bad in color, tone shades between products are different.

2. Casually select two from the same type of glazed tiles, face together to see if joint colse, the flatness of the glazed tiles is good if joint colse. You must take the glazed tiles rotate; face the various edges of the glazed tiles. It is best to find a flat countertop, lean against entirely on with the two edges of glazed tiles, and then touch angle close to two glazed tiles together by the finger, the angle of two glazed tiles side should be in the same horizontal line if tiles flatness is good.

3. Weigh the glazed tiles to feel its density, it is good if you feel heavy (density).

4. To pour some water behind glazed tiles to see the water absorption speed of the tiles. The slower the speed, the better the quality the tile, too much water absorption tiles cannot be used. For some tiles, if you pour water from the back, in turn, you will be able to see water stains from the front, this glazed ceramic tiles is not needed. Pay attention that test the water must pour the water into the back of glazed tiles, a lot of businesses put water down to positive of the ceramic tile flooring when see you test the water, and say is good tiles since it is non-absorbent. If the front of glazed tiles is absorbent, it will be multi-inferior.

Method to prevent problems in the process of use
Some glazed tiles strength is very good, which will not be bad even if you fall it to the ground, this tile, of course, is also very good. The tiles often appear loosening, shedding, and other issues in the process of use, because the cement mortar used by tile adhesives is not enough in adhesive fastness, so it will be loose and fall off in a humid environment for a long time. The method is to use a resin-type adhesive to paste tiles, whose intensity can not only reach or exceed the tile body strength, and does not cause a drop in a humid environment for a long time.