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How To Pick A Good Tile

How to pick a good tile? What kind of tiles could be use longer? Here are some ways to select a good tile?


First, Look You should be attention to the tile’s surface and whether there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, lacking of edge or not. You should also pay attention to the chipping tiles and check whether they have defect such as omission from polishing or grinding leakage or not. See carefully whether the trademark tag is clear or not at the end of the embryonic. If not, be carefully to buy.

Second, Texture The same specifications, good quality, high density brick texture are relatively heavy; on the contrary, inferior-quality product feels lighter.

Third, Listen By tapping the tiles and listening to the sound to identify whether they are good or bad. Here I will introduce how to identify good tiles through two aspects following: Knocking 1) Small size tiles or wall tiles Generally separate your hand fingers then pick up the tile, the other hand knock tile’s face. If it sounds like metal sounds, this tile has a good quality. 2) Earth bricks (living room and other ground is used glassed tiles or archaized brick) Lift the tile with one hand while with the other hand knock in the middle of the tile. If its sounds is sincere and its echo is long just like a bronze bell, it gives the fact that tiles are wearable, high degree of vitrified, low water absorption, less susceptible to contamination. If the sound is muddy, there is no response, low degree of vitrified, poor wear resistance, and low water absorption. Fourth, Piece Together Pick up four same type pieces of tiles, put it together. This step can check out the tile’s size, flatness. is located in Shiwan, Foshan the renowned ceramic town of China. Sticking to the core concept of “joint effort and sincere trading”, the company specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoys largest production scales, complete product specification and good reputation.