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How to Use Glazed Porcelain Tiles in Shower Room

Glazed porcelain is widely used in shower room. Here we give some suggestions on how to use porcerlain tiles in shower.
1. Use your level to draw two perpendicular lines across the shower floor, intersecting at the center. In most cases, the intersection will be right over the drain.
2. Set your porcelain tiles along the lines, intersecting at the middle. Use your pencil to mark out the shape of the drain on the tiles that cover it, positioning the curved marks on the tiles about 1/4 inch out from the drain itself. Cut the curved lines on your wet saw.
3. Spread thinset mortar around the shower drain with your notched trowel. Set the cut tiles in place around it. Lay the rest of the floor tiles, spreading more thinset mortar as needed and using the marked lines as guides. Cut the pieces at the ends, by the shower walls, on your wet saw. Let the floor tiles set overnight.
4. Draw a vertical line in the center of one shower wall, from top to bottom. Begin tiling at the bottom, spreading mortar and pressing the tiles into place. Start by lining them up at the center line, then working your way toward the ends of the wall. Build up, cutting the tiles as necessary to go around faucets and other wall fixtures.
5. Repeat for each of the walls. Let the tiles set overnight.
6. Use the grout float to grout the tiles from the top of the walls, working your way down. Press the grout into the lines between the tiles, wiping it off the tile surface. Follow up with a damp sponge to take up excess grout from the face of the tiles. Fill all the lines except the inside corners between the walls and where the walls meet the floor. Grout around the drain.
7. Let the grout set for a day. Caulk the inside corners between the walls and at the floor.
8. Let the grout cure for another three to four days. Apply grout sealer to the grout lines, using the sponge applicator on your sealant bottle.