• Hundred Galleries Membership 2

    Brand Evolution,Alliance Connection Achievements of Hundreds Galleries Memembership 2021 in the 2nd quarter. 38 New Showrooms Opened&38 New Business Partners. We welcome more parterns to join us to get exclusive brand and operation supports.

  • Olympic Winter Game 2022

    Dongpeng has been the official ceramic tiles supplier of the Olympic Winter Game Beijing 2022.

  • 东鹏瓷砖澳洲首家华人线上瓷砖购物平台

    东鹏澳洲首家华人线上瓷砖购物平台正式登录今日悉尼 ! 一键点击下方Learn More 即可跳转。

  • Dongpeng's successful listing on the main board of the stock exchange

  • Air purification tiles

    With the new arrival of a variety of air-purification tiles, Dongpeng starts to set a new fashion trend with the aim to expand its role as a technological trendsetter through its unabated focus of innovation and healthy living. Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products, Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by customers.

  • Healthguard Collection

    Anti-slip Marble+ Tiles (AST) Anti-bacterial Tiles (ABT) Air Purification Tiles (APT)

  • Anti-bacterial Tiles

    Dongpeng Ceramics, based on the core concept of "Long-term Anti-bacterial Care for Health", goes deep into the R&D and production system, values the health issues of vulnerable groups, and reconstructs the consumer demand of the ceramics industry. After 17 years’ technology development and formula adjustments over 1000 times, Dongpeng Anti-bacterial tiles is officially launched in 2020. By incorporating anti-bacterial metal ions into the tiles, the protein molecular structure of bacterial is destroyed; therefore, bacteria die as they lose their ability to regenerate, achieving 24/7 disinfection . It is supported with technology, verified by data, and finally forms the core value of "health, beauty, quality".

  • Hundred Strategic Project Part

    We now welcome any project partner to join us for a win-win cooperation! Come and get your membership.

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  • The Vintage Charm of Oak Due to the huge daily temperature difference, European oak is usually used as the oak barrels for wine in Europe as it features elegant and delicate aroma which is easy to blend with the fruity aroma of wine. With clearer visible tree knots and small brown tree patterns, French Oak series stands out for its authentic wood look and soft texture, allowing you to design environment with a unique and stylish style.

  • Industrial Vide and Metallic Inspiration Get yourself immersed in a industrial vide and relaxation. Alloy creates an authentic metallic effect with advanced metallic grits instead of traditional metallic glaze, avoiding the surface oxidation and color-fading. Its typical shine of metals and the vintage look become expressive tools of designers' creativity, perfect fit in with the classic and contemporary surrounding environment.

  • A Unique Expression of Understated Elegance Sourced from the traditional Japanese aesthetics, which is wisdom in natural simplicity or acceptance of flawed beauty, Dongpeng new series Wabi-Sabi's pattern features a pure cement look that connotes rustic simplicity, freshness and beauty or serenity that comes with age, making it a perfect material for designers and architects in terms of projects with unique and elegant style.

  • Modern Sandstone Texture It reinterprets the natural, elegant and modern sense of material and highlights the concept of the harmony between mankind and the environment. Inspired by natural sandstone, Starlight Sandstone's surface features extremely authentic texture, reproducing the typical pattern and shade of the material. The anti-slip effect further enhances its performance in application. Amongst the spaces in contemporary style, it adds a touch of high-end decorative effect of natural stone.