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Latest arrivals
  • Ink Jade ABT

    Inspired by the Ink Jade Marble, a unique stone from the southwest of China, Ink Jade ABT features distinct black and white veins which visualize the traditional Chinese Ink Painting. It is the ingenious workmanship of nature that makes art combined with culture.

  • Real Marid Grey APT

    The inspiration is drawn from the Spanish Real Madrid who has achieved great triumphs over a century. Small silver-white line texture on the pure grey background is just like the sweat of a player on the battlefield.

  • Tabria

    Inspired by the ice cracks in winter, and sourced from the rare Italian marble as design blueprint, Tabria’s natural beauty is imprinted on the tile surface. The intensive texture, unique style, and appropriate spatial visual effect make the your space clean and tidy but not rigid.

  • Star White

    Deriving from Italian design, Star White APT is as pure as a white drawing board embellished with dreamy and dynamic line texture, just like the flowing water sleeves in the hands of a dancer performing a peerless dance.