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Latest arrivals
  • Laetta

    Inspired by the white marble quarried in Italy, Dongpeng earnestly launches new product LAETTA for the world. In the contrast of the simple white background, the straight-forward grey veins have graceful and vivid patterns, revealing special natural beauty. Dongpeng Laetta is ideally suitable for creation of elegant atmosphere

  • Lakas

    The white background with light grey veining nearly corresponds with everyone's perception to the most beautiful marble, for which it is the designated product for many of the world's most important buildings. It could easily highlights the elegant style, bringing a enjoyment like royalty.

  • Loreto

    Inspired by the natural art of islands in Italy, Dongpeng has made Loreto come into the world with its sophisticated process of inkjet printing, adding a creative decoration effect to projects and impress those who choose it with its unique baby-face characteristic and the exquisite veins as soft as skin.

  • Aosta

    As pure and noble as the wonders from Italy snow mountain, AOSTA is the expression of aesthetic appreciation and practical applicability, ideal for decorating walls and floors in a sophisticated, elegant style with its exquisite softness and sufficiency in patterns.