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    The random patterns and industrial style bring more possibilities to spaces, making Krisa APT become a favorite of many designers and architects by rich decorative effects. One of Dongpeng's new arrivals in 2019 It’s chiefly characterized by the excellent architectural performance of high density and superior purification, acceptable to various projects.


    Drawing inspiration from European classical architectural style, Arimbo APT retains the natural texture of the materials on surface and takes an appearance of new trend with the retro colors , bringing impressive visual experience to us. Grey lends the spaces a dignified authority, and the superior purification makes it favored by consumers.


    When architecture supports our world, it never stops developing in a diversified way and inspiring people’s  brand-new pursuit for ecology and living quality. As an environmental-friendly building material, Marmore APT is as white as polished jade, as strong as natural purification system, enhancing modern people’s residential quality with its combination of superior performance and elegant look.

  • Sira

    It is a collection combining aesthetic and performance. The vivid textures in four different colors, creamy white, beige, coffee and grey, formulates special scenes on earth. With non-rectified side effect, the bevel joint is perfectly and naturally compatible. The slip resistance rate is as high as R11, making it a must-have item for the space required a higher anti-slip standard, for example kitchen and bathroom. It also enjoys a 0.05% of water absorption performance, by which extends its utility and durability.