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Introductions for Different Ceramic Tiles


Classification of Ceramic Tiles
The ceramic tiles used for decoration on the market can be divided into floor tiles, wall tiles, waist tiles in accordance with the use of function. There are many varieties of ceramic floor tile, available for great choices, Divided by the material, there are glazed tiles, Quintana tiles (anti-skid tiles), polished tiles, porcelain tiles, etc.

1. Glazed Tiles
Glazed tile is the most common tile kind in decoration; it is widely used in wall and floor decoration due to rich color patterns, and antifouling ability. Glazed tile is the tile surface is treated by burning glaze, which is available for gloss and matte glazed tiles according to the different sub-glaze. Divided by raw materials, there are ceramic glazed tiles, made by clay fire, high water absorption, generally relatively low intensity, the main feature is the back is red; glazed porcelain tile, fired by porcelain clay, lower water rate, generally relatively high intensity and the main feature is the back is off-white.

2. Quintana Tiles
The Quintana tile surface is not glazed, and the texture and color of the positive and negative are unanimous. Quintana tile is a wear-resistant tile, although there are still bleed Quintana tiles and other varieties, but relatively speaking, the suit cannot compare with glazed tiles. Currently the interior design is more and more inclined to plain design, so Quintana tile has increasingly become a fashion, which is widely used in the renovation project of the hall, hallway and outdoor walkways ground; generally is less used to the wall. The majority of non-slip tiles are Quintana tiles.

3. Polished Tiles
Polished tile is a bright tile by polishing the Quintana adobe body surface, which is a type of Quintana tile. Relative to the Quintana tiles, polished tiles surface is smoother. Polished tiles are hard and wear resistant, suitable for use in the most interior space in addition to the outside toilet, kitchen. On the basis of the use of bleed technology, the tiles can make of various imitate stone, imitation wood effect.

Polished tiles leave bump stomata when being polished, these pores will store filth, and even some tea pour down on the tiles is conceding. Perhaps the industry is aware of this point, some good quality polished tiles add a layer of antifouling layer before shipment, but this layer of antifouling layer make polished tiles lose Quintana tile effect. If you want to continue the Quintana, you have to continue to brush antifouling layer.