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Mable Floor Tiles


Marble is one kind of natural materials, whose color and texture can best show decent space, and is deeply loved by most people. It costs the highest price but is the most hard to maintain among floor tile materials. It can well absorb colors so that if a drop of colored water drops on it, it will absorb the color immediately, which can not be cleaned. Now there is so-called anti-fouling treatment, but colors must be cleaned within two hours after the colored objects drop on it, or it will still absorb the color.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble
The marble floor tiles are divided into natural marble and artificial marble stone, whose main component is calcium carbonate. Because it is natural mineral, it has bright luster and changeful texture and color system, hardness, wear resistance, fire resistance, durability these excellent characteristics of modern building materials. Now marble is one of the top paving materials for architectural design, and is widely applied as exterior wall and floor tiles, decorative wall surface paving materials of senior buildings for advanced countries. However, it has disadvantages for home use. Stone pores and joints of natural stone cause high water absorption rate and low hardness so that it easily causes scratch and does not wear-resisting. When being used for home decoration, all those will become marble's shortcomings.

marble floor tiles

Practical Method for Saving the Marble Discoloration
Because it is natural stone, marble has pores. As long as colored liquid drops on it, pores will immediately absorb the color. In this case, hydrogen peroxide for industrial use can be used to clean the color and regain its original color. However, to avoid the problem of absorbing color, it is best to wash the marble with medication before tiling. Sealing up the pores of the marble stone, it will be less likely to absorb the color. Even protective measures have been done, if there are fallen colored liquid, it still should be cleaned within 2 hours. If the marble has already absorb the color, you can deal following the steps below: cover tissues on the colored marble. Pour hydrogen peroxide for industrial use on the tissues, and remember completely soak them. Then place them for 2 to 3 hours, and do not move them. At last, wear gloves, remove the tissues, and clean the marble stone with water.