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Magical Effect of Ceramic Tile Colors


Ceramic Floor Tile Colors Can Enhance Dry Degrees
With the increasingly high demand for home decoration, bathroom tiles do not just focus on the most ordinary white tiles. As long as you know how to use the ceramic tile colors skillfully, then you can easily create the magical or dreamlike effect of your bathroom. If you want to keep the bathroom dry, the premise is that you have to select the matt floor tiles, soft, clean, or the selection of the most common white tile, whether it is with the pure pink, or light blue water samples is very nice. Mix of both clean and shallow tone to avoid pure color too monotonous, let the whole bathroom is full of dreamy effect. The special effects with logs texture ceramic floor tile, and match with the green wall like green apple in a whole space being allowed to "jump out" from some visual angle, accompanied by a white bathroom cabinet of solid wood material, it looks clean and simple. And the right jewelry as well as the use of light and shadow together can create a naturally quiet atmosphere of the bathroom.

Ceramic Tile Lines Can Extend Space
Use the small volume mosaic for personalized decoration is also one of the trends of fashion in recent years. But few people know that, single lines mosaic is the best tiles to break the visual balance, as well as to make the narrow bathroom more open. This kind of ceramic tile may be inconspicuous, and the overall paved gives the impression, however, it is very smooth, and also appears to be plenty of room. Limited space bathrooms, floors and walls with a mosaic as a decorative, gentle neutral tones so that the space is no longer cold. If you need to increase the number of lines of personalized mosaic tiles for home decoration, then you can use some different color mosaic for embellishment on the walls partly.

Ceramic Tiles Dotting Collage Essentials
When using ceramic tiles of different colors and styles, remember not to use too much and have no layering effect. The patterned tiles or mosaics are best to match with the ordinary tiles with the use of the dotting collage on the wall. Mosaics match with the wall latex paint can make the space look lively, and you also can freely create patterns on the wall according to your preference. The simple style dark brown mosaic walls and white border line can break the visual balance, and form a special beauty. No matter the dark lines in the background and outline white tone mosaic border, this collection of great visual contrast effect of mosaic from walls have soft mellow color sense, and does not appear thin.