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Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Ceramic Tiles


Not many people may be aware of it but how you clean your tiles would depend on the type of tile that you have. And one of the most sensitive tiles that you might encounter is the ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles tend to get scratched on easily by hard brush so you would need to go easy when cleaning this tile. If you would need to sweep something off, make sure that you use a soft broom.

Since prevention is better than cure, make sure that you have a door mat in place. This would help prevent small particles and debris on soles of the shoes from entering your home. It is also a good idea to put tile sealers on your tiles and grout. This would enable them to last a long time.

To keep the sheen of your ceramic tile, make sure that you mopped it with a damp cloth regularly. Manufacturers often recommend a specific cleaner which you can use to keep your tile and the grout between them clean. If none is available, use clean water instead.

If the ceramic tile Tampa homes usually have as well as your grout has obvious stains, you can make use of vinegar or baking soda as a cleaning agent. If you would be using pure vinegar, make sure that you mix one part of it with one part water. Let it sit for a few minutes before cleaning the area with mop and clean water. If, on the other hand, you would be using baking soda, put a small amount of water to turn it into a paste. Let it sit on the area for a few minutes and then clean off with clean water and mop. Never use a scouring pad as this can scratch the surface of your tile.

Make sure that you clean spills and other dirt as soon as possible. They are bound to produce stains on any ceramic tile Tampa homes have if left for extended periods of time. Having a soft cloth around is a good way to clean minor spills.

Lastly, put covers on your furniture and table legs to prevent them from scratching the floor. If you would need to move objects across a ceramic tile Tampa floor, have someone help you loft the object up instead of sliding them. If there is a need to slide them, try to put a soft cloth between the legs and your floor.