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Maintenance of Marble Floor Tiles


When you purchase polished marble floor tiles, shape, size, color and design are the issues you must take in consideration. Another factor is measurements you should pay attention to, since marble floor tiles are sold by square foot.

After you get your satisfied marble floor tiles and install them, you will have beautiful, sparkling floors.

But you have to remember that, if you want to keep the beauty and gloss of marble floor tiles at home, you should consider taking a number of maintenance measures. You must ensure that the marble floor tiles always stay in the best appearance. If by any chance, the tiles become dirty, you should immediately clean up. Here are some advice from porcelain tile manufacturer.

It is necessary to keep in mind that you have to protect your marble floor tiles from any damage.

However, at some time, no matter how you protect your marble floor tiles, they will become dirty. Here are some ways to keep your marble floor clean. First of all, what you need to do is to prepare warm water and a soft, clean cotton cloth or sponge. During cleaning the marble floor tiles, you had better not to use too much water, and just make sure you cotton cloth or sponge slightly damp.

Gently wipe the marble tiles until they become clean and shiny. If in case, the marble floor is so dirty that it cannot be wiped clean with warm water and sponge, you'd better use a small amount of dry borax and a clean damp cloth. Gently scrub the marble and then wipe it to dry and clean with a dry cloth.

Besides, you can buy and use some marble polish to clean the marble floor tiles. You may first mix the marble polish with water, and then wipe with a clean dry cloth until they are as glossy as before.

Marble floor tiles can make your home very beautiful and attractive. So you must maintain them well. You need to keep their gloss and beauty and make sure that they will continue in a perfect state.

Marble floors also have a cooling effect. To families located in the tropical climate, they have a distinct advantage. Marble floor tiles can keep the house cool.

In fact, for a family, marble flooring has many advantages, but you must also keep in mind that you need to keep sound maintenance of them. This article refers to the maintenance methods of marble floor tiling. If you take it as references, you will certainly make your home's marble floor tiles remain gloss and beauty.