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Market Report on Romania's Floor and Wall Ceramic Tile Market


Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Floor & Wall Ceramic Tiles, Romania, 2003 - 2013" report to their offering.

The floor and wall ceramic tiles market grew by 2% in volume in 2008 and in 2009 dropped by 39%. The dramatic decline in the residential segment was registered, while the non-residential market decreased at a slower rate. According to the author's estimates, in 2009 the input into the market will be lower by 44% against 2008 figures, up from 28 mln sqm, but the decrease will be compensated by the inventory cut with minimum 10%. This reduction of stocks was already seen in early of 2009 by the fact that the price of several types of ceramic tiles have fallen by 25-30%, especially the low segment. From the value point of view, the ceramic tiles market will decrease more than volume, even if the "high" range will have a larger share of the market. The "High" range is represented by imports from Italy, Portugal and Germany. Spain got off to share more of a "middle" range amid sharp falls in the country. As for the other sectors, products from Turkey are a "bit" more than just the domestic market and those in Serbia or Bulgaria. Moreover, the last major player in the market is KAI Bulgaria owned by Advent investment fund. Up to now in Romania it was operating as an importer.

New investments will not occur in the next three years, on the contrary, for now the only manufacturer to give up one of the production facilities. Instead, major movements will appear on retail. Street clusters like Valea Cascadelor will disappear, and competition becomes harsher as the DIY networks continue their expansion. In November 2009 there were 109 DIY stores and over the next five years their number could grow to 250 units. Over the medium and long term in Romania this will inevitably occur and Saint Gobain Building Distribution will have a takeover or have a greenfield investment.

The most difficult period shall be recorded in Q1 Q3 2010 and is a possible halving the number of competitors. The floor and wall ceramic tiles market will not reach 65 mln sqm until 2013, but it could in 2019. Moreover, the maturity point consumption in Romania is 4 sqm / inhabitant or - 550m. The domestic market is influenced by changes in the populations lifestyle, especially emphasizing the concept of "homing" as well as other related factors of social life.

The analysis has 42 tables, 38 charts and 13 graphs.

Purposes of analysis:


  • to know the market size: structure, evolution;
  • identify the players and understand the competitive environment;
  • market trends and performances;
  • forecasts for 4 years;
  • what are the opportunities;
  • key factors for success;
  • useful instrument in decision making.