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Moms need Polished Marble Floor Tiles

Recently, my friend Lisa has bought a new house and she decorated the house all by herself. Last Friday, she invited us to her new house. We brought little Dereck (our little baby who just learned how to climb few days ago) with us to Lisa's house. After we walked into the new house, I was astonished by what I saw. It is amazing, you know. Even though there were no expensive or luxurious furniture, it felt like a real sweet home and the marble floor tiles was very beautiful.

We definitely felt happy for Lisa. When we were chatting with Lisa, Dereck was sitting on the floor drinking his milk. Actually I was worried about Dereck when he was drinking the milk. Why? Because, I absolutely did not want to mess up Lisa’s new house. All Babies are experts, they are especially good at staining. In our home, I cleaned the floor, the beds, the washroom, the garden almost everywhere more than three times. Dereck always spills his milk bottle and throws his toys and other things on the floor and other places. It was a tough job to clean the floor because the dirts are hard to clean it up without any marks. 

polished marble floor tiles  However, my little baby did not want to calm his mummy down. Dereck did overturn his milk again, in Lisa's house! “Oh, My God! I am so sorry Lisa, I don’t mean to mess up your house and I will try my best to clean your floor." Lisa stood up and I got nervous because I was afraid the floor would leave the dirty mark. It was her new house ! Lisa walked to the kitchen and came back with a wet cloth, then she smiled at me "It's ok, Kate. The polished marble floor tiles are easy to clean. You see?” She swept the milk with slowly and the milk was gone! I was surprised, and minutes later I made an important decision- I need to change all the floors to Polished marble floor tiles! If not, my husband should be the one who is responsible for cleaning floors.

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