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Mr. He Xinming Accepted the Interview of CCTV: The Traditional Industry Should Transfer

A few days ago, Dongpeng's chairman of the board, Mr. He Xinming, said at the interview of CCTV that Dong had developed rapidly in recently years for its adjustment of structure and its industrial transfer.
interview of CCTV

It is known that Dongpeng is one of several ceramic tile enterprise who takes the lead to adjust its structure and to do industrial transfer. At present, Dongpeng has established many production bases in different areas. Mr. He said that the industrial transfer was not simplely to move the equipment, but to introduce advanced equipment and technology for low carbon production. "The technology content of our ceramic products has improved as well as the product quality and the contribution to society." Mr. He said.

According to Mr.He's introduction, basing on the advantages of the resources and the logistics, Dongpeng has successfully launched into the third and the forth markets to be one strong power for Dongpeng's raise of marketing. It is reported that, from the next half of 2008, many ceramic enterprises' sales were down. But Dongpeng's sales was with double-digit growth, especially its export marketing. The export ups 60%. In 2009's finanical crisis, its sales volume doubled and its brand value came to the first in ceramic industy with its innovative products.

For those production bases that still are leaved in Foshan, Mr.He introduced that, by establishing research and development department and improving and upgrading of the present production line as well as the technology improvement, Dongpeng had gained a great acheivement in the R&D and design of products, such as the Navona made with the "liquid rock" technology initiated in the whole world in 2008, with epoch-making significance, was put out ceremoniously, bring up the vitrified tile like stone material the most since the beginning of the history of building ceramics. And the Pininfanina series that R&D together with Italy brings fashion trend in pace with the world, and a modern human settlement experience.

At the night of 11th, April, CCTV 2 playouted the above interview with the topic of "Transfer--China's New Development Mode" in the golden program"China Economic Information Network". It pointed out that the transfer of Foshan's ceramic improved the profit and competitive power of Foshan's ceramic tile, which is the gorgeous turn about of Foshan's ceramic industry.