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New Trend -- Black Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic products are famous for the variety of color and pattern. Different ceramic tiles can make our house more colorful. However, in the ceramic industry, a special ceramic tile only get one color but this kind of ceramic tile has firmly established itself in the competitive market. That is the black ceramic tile.

The Production
Compared to the common ceramic tile, the black ceramic tile needs a special ingredient called vanadium and titanium slag. The slag is separated from the hot steel when the steel is smelting. To the steel industry, the vanadium and titanium slag is the waste while to the ceramic industry, it is the precious gift. The vanadium and titanium slag can make the black ceramic tiles more shinning and solid. The black ceramic tile can also be static proof and radiation-less. Besides, It is also very resistant to strong caustic solutions. These characteristics enable the tiles to use in the building of military and telecommunications industry. In order to assess to the raw material of producing the black tiles, some factories will choose a locations near an iron and steel work.

The application
The color of black gives people a sense of cool and cold. Only those who own a cutting –edge mind will dare to use the black ceramic tiles to decorate their houses. Compared to the varied and colorful ceramic products, the application of the black ceramic tiles is less popular. However, many consumers say that they would consider to using the black tiles as the decorations. And they believe that the black color can stand out the unique taste of the owner.
The black ceramic tiles are very suitable to the wall in front of the TV and the bathroom. Apart from the in-door decoration, the black tile can also be applied in the public place such as the hotels, the pubs.

The Development
The sellers feel quite confident to the development of the black ceramic tiles. The black color will never be out-of-fashioned in home and abroad. There is a huge demand in the market. As Chinese tend to combine the west and the east in the house – decoration, the demand of the black ceramic tiles will be bigger. Therefore, the black ceramic tiles play a leading role in the ceramic industry. People need to put more efforts in studying the design of the tiles, the culture elements of the black tiles. The black ceramic tiles will lead a new trend in the space design and decoration.